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025: The Secret To Finding Healing Revealed by Frankie Mazzapica

If you feel stuck spiritually, and are searching for healing may it be, physical sickness, emotional sickness or spiritual sickness, you are listening to the right podcast. Today, our guest Frankie Mazzapica will share with us what we can to and how we can prepare when searching for healing.

Frankie is the author of Your Divine Invitation: Access the Holy Spirit to Complete Your Assignment, a book that shares practical steps every believer can take to position themselves to receive God’s promised endowment of power. His book is available on Amazon and can be purchased at https://www.amazon.com/Your-Divine-Invitation-Complete-Assignment/dp/1641239166.

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Jimn Kyles 0:10
Welcome to the unstuck and unstoppable podcast where we help you move your life forward. But it’s Jimn Kyles, I’m your host and today I am here with Frankie Mazzapica. We’re so thrilled to have you here today, Frankie. Well, I know we’ve been friends for a long time, because you can say my last name.

Frankie Mazzapica 0:30
Typically, it’s a mouthful. So usually I just tell people like at Starbucks, the name is Frankie, don’t even try.

Jimn Kyles 0:39
No, I gotta know. And I’m so excited to those of you that have joined in today. Maybe you’re here for the very first time. Welcome to the podcast. Frankie is a great friend of mine. We were figuring it out. How long have we been? We’ve been friends for is it? 27? Yeah, 27 years, you were 18 I think I would have been 19. Somewhere around there. We met a long time ago, went to the same church and have stayed friends all throughout this time. And the reason I brought you on if you’re listening today is I just finished your book. And man, I loved it. It just released a couple of weeks ago. It’s a book called your divine invitation. If you’re joining us on YouTube, you can actually see it. If you’re listening to the podcast, we’ll put the links in the podcast descriptions. But man, I’m telling you, I picked it up. I love to read the books that my friends are writing. It’s funny as we get older, yeah, all of our friends start writing books. So I read quite a bit, especially at night. And to be candid, I couldn’t put your book down, man. It’s cool. It was so great. And so those that are joining us today, really what we’re going to talk about is if you feel stuck spiritually, and even touching on healing, physical sickness, emotional sickness, spiritual sickness, whatever it is, that you might feel stuck in, I really am excited to hear just what God pulls out of this conversation. And I love how you talk about in the in the book, that you had insomnia one night, there was a night you were trying to sleep, something happens. And really it awakened inside of you the genesis of a journey that we get to read about in the book, but has radically changed you and really radically changed your church. Can you tell us a little bit about that? Tell us about that night? What happened? What kind of a journey that it’s set you on? Because I think it’s going to speak to to those that are listening and watching today. Tell us about it.

Frankie Mazzapica 2:42

you know, there’s so many scriptures in the Bible that we just don’t know what to do with. Right, right, like Mark 923, where it says all things are possible to those who believe. Right? Right. What do you do with that verse? Right? Right. Like, especially when you feel like you’re not experiencing all 100%? You’re like, well, I thought all things were possible. Yes. So what do you do with that verse? I tell you what, we just skip right over it. That’s all right. And you know, there’s just a lot of verses like that were

like John:1412, where it says, Anyone who believes anyone, so I’m in that category, right? Anyone who believes will do the things that I have done even greater things and then you just look like okay, well, I believe and I’m not doing

doing, I’m not doing well, here’s the key. I’m not doing anything that I can’t do on my own strength. That’s right. Well, right. So that’s always been a nagging thing for me. Okay, so our church is 17 years old. And it’s embarrassing to say this, but my, my primary goal was just to try to build the biggest church I possibly could. And then I realized, hey, you know, I’m not very good at that. Right. And so you know, I say that to say, I mean, we’ve always had a strong church well attended. So say

Jimn Kyles 4:13
you’ve had Have you got a great church, for those that haven’t heard of celebration church, they’re fantastic church. I remember even launching our church that I went and even visited, I’m like, Man, this this is an amazing church. So but the point is, well received that hey, we’re building something, but what I was building Yeah, really, it

Frankie Mazzapica 4:31
just wasn’t enough anymore. That’s right. And you know, we were doing multiple services and a lot of what I would call a lot of people, which is always a comparative statement, but a lot of people were coming in and I was just like, okay, is this the game plan? Am I just Is this what I’m trying to do here? I’m just trying to get a lot of people in the door. And it was just it was very, very

Because I’m like God, I want to, I want to see things that you’re not doing that that are in the Bible. Right? And, and so one night, I couldn’t sleep, my wife was sleeping next to me, she’s out cold, I can’t sleep. So I grabbed my cell phone, I go to iBooks. I’m like, I’m gonna download a book that’s gonna put me to sleep. And so I’ve quoted Charles Finney 1000 times. But I didn’t even know what he looked like this was in mid 2018. Wow. So I see his face is on the cover of the book. And it’s called power from on high. And I see his face and he looks like Abraham Lincoln’s grandfather. And so I’m like, There’s a 100% chance this guy is going to put me to sleep. And so I download the book. And I say up to like, three o’clock in the morning reading. Wow. Because what he says changed my life in like one of the scriptures that he builds the whole first half of his book on is Luke 2449. Or it says, go to Jerusalem and wait until you’re endowed with power. Wow. And you know what, Jimn, I jumped into the ministry out of just sheer excitement, and passion. And I just wanted to, you know, love Jesus, I want to tell people about it. But I didn’t wait. I didn’t wait to be endowed with power. And you say, Well, what how do you know you’re endowed with power is, it’s when you’re, you’re able to make a lasting impression. When you when you say something to someone, and that one sentence changes the trajectory of their life. Well, like you and I can trade stories of people that have said something to you. And you remember that for the rest of your life. That’s why it’s almost like a fork in the road, something changes that moment, set me on a different path. And in that moment, that person was endowed with, with power, wow, when when healing takes place, a physical healing, where you lay hands on a person. And, you know, this is happening this way I write about in the book, when when I when I had that impartation of power, from that moment forward, when I pray for people, not everybody I pray for it gets healed. But from that moment forward, at the conclusion of our services, I always go for healing, because every single Sunday, people get healed. But prior to this, this, this moment with God,

none of those things happen. And that’s where the whole book came from. Because there was practical steps that I took. And I didn’t even realize I was taking them until after I received that breakthrough. And then I shared the practical steps with our prayer partner team. And now many of them see more healings when they pray than I do. Wow. Which is the way it should be anyway. But that’s the whole premise and purpose of the book.

Jimn Kyles 8:00
Well, that’s one of the things that fascinated me about this book is being a pastor, and pastoring a church just like you, we can get into just the monotony of the mundane, just the routine of life. People come into a building, they have a worship song, they hear a message they leave. And the greatest fear is that they would come in and leave unchanged 100% Because we know singing a song and hearing the message doesn’t change lives. It’s did they connect with God? Was there the power of God functioning and operating in a way that it touched them so that they’re never to be the same? Right? And the thing I love about your book, talk to him, you know, if you’re listening here, you got to read the book, but you talk about story after story of people being healed. So you go on this journey. You can’t sleep you read a book by Charles Finney. By the way it’s at my house. It may even be in my office here, “Power From on High”, ordered it when you mentioned that changed in the book. But so since then, you went on a journey, you got connected with Randy Clark, who actually by the way, wrote the foreword for your book, right? And in that took some trips began to see God move started praying for people. How many like I know it’s hard to quantify, but just for those who are listening, how many people have you guys prayed for probably and seen physical healings, like the manifestation of God’s power in that way on a person’s life? What would you

Frankie Mazzapica 9:25
say? There? I can’t count. And I’m so humbled to be able to say that because prior to this moment in 2018, have taken those steps that I talked about in the book prior to that moment. I think there was one one while clear divine Person healed, Person healed I felt someone’s collarbone move underneath my fingers when I prayed. Wow, that happened one time, never happened before it never happened after and then in 2018 after this breakthrough took place? I can’t answer that question because it happens every single Sunday,

Jimn Kyles 10:05
every Sunday. Well, let me let me just quote I think Randy Clark in here said a couple of 1000 at the time he wrote in here, of just probably even just guessing over a year so

Frankie Mazzapica 10:16
easily 1000s. So we’re not talking about five we’re not talking about hundreds we’re talking about 1000s of people that have been healed. You know, just crazy to hear you’re talking about and we’re not talking about just a cough or a sneeze or no, sniffles we’re talking about radical healings, sickness, gone, cancer gone. Arms, healed, legs healed, what I mean, whatever, everything that so so tell me about this. So talk about how, how has that impacted your life in a way like what what do you do if someone says man, I want to experience the power of God? And I number one want to see got operate like that in my life. But then maybe number two, I want to experience that because I’d have a need. Yeah, you know, I one of my prayers and, you know, in the right way, I pride myself and in in my prayer life. And but if there’s and I’ve said this to you off camera, or offline, if there’s one person that I feel like in this world that out, praise me, it’s you, it bothers me but just know, just know, it’s almost like, you know, when you’re when you’re playing a sport, and you’re like, there’s somebody out there, practicing harder than me. And when I meet him, he’s gonna kill me. But just know, I’m that guy. That’s, that’s chasing you in prayer. But I pray one of the prayers I used to prayer pray, and I still pray. God use me as an example, as the guy that never had signs and wonders in his life. And then all of a sudden, that were signs and wonders, while I want to be that example that it can happen. And to whoever’s listening, it is it is she the only thing separating a person from not seeing signs and wonders, not seeing healings, not seeing miracles, is to look at the actual steps that’s outlined in Scripture, and then doing them and being fully committed to them and saying, I am going to do these until I get my breakthrough. And, and what I did in the book was just say, Hey, I wrote them down. But I wrote down tell us what so give us just a couple of the steps. So the first one is, let me think in Isaiah:62:6, it says, those of you who pray, give yourself no rest.

Until God and not give yourself no rest and give God no rest. Until he completes his promise. Well, and so the first step is to make up in your mind.

Jimn Kyles 12:59
I’m not stopping, I’m not stopping. This is something I’m hungry for. I’m

Frankie Mazzapica 13:02
not stopping and you know, it, the the length of prayer, how long a person prayer, prays is, is very taboo. You know, nobody wants to talk about it. Because it’s like, I don’t want to brag. And I get it. It’s kind of like tithes and offerings, like, you know, I can’t say, hey, how much did you give today? Like, yeah, I can’t lean over, like, Hey, I put 50 bucks in, you know, it’s but

to the amount, the length of someone praying matters. That’s why Jesus looked at Peter in 26:41 is can you not pray an hour. And then he says this.

Watch and pray for your flesh is your your spirit is willing, but your flesh is weak. If he would have prayed for that hour, there was power that he was going to unlock. That could have kept him from denying Christ three times. Yeah. But he didn’t pray for that hour. And so one of the principles is in that verses. Look, there, something happens when you pray a long time. Now, how long is a long time? It’s not the 60 minutes because God does not. He doesn’t live in time.

Jimn Kyles 14:15
Yeah, there was a whole movement way back. You gotta get your Hour of Power. You know?

Frankie Mazzapica 14:19
I remember that. Yeah, well,

Jimn Kyles 14:21
no, but

Frankie Mazzapica 14:22
a long time is when you go beyond your comfort zone. Well, when you say, Okay, I’m done praying, and then you say nothing more. When you say there’s too much on the line. I can’t stop. Well, there’s too much on the line. I’m too hungry. I’m too desperate. I cannot stop. So for me, I’ll go into my prayer time and I’ll set my alarm. I’m like, I’m not coming out of this room into this alarm goes off well, and you know, just like everybody else. I have these moments from like, a million things I could be doing. Yeah. And you got to have a dump list, right? You got to have a piece of paper where you just write it down. And I got to pick up the milk,

And I got to pick up the milk, I need to dump up all the things that are important or maybe even not important. Come to your mind write it down on paper and it’s done. Right? You’ll get that piece of paper when your time of prayer is over, but you do not come out. And then in the dry moment, so the prayer time, you ask the prayer that the Holy Spirit will always answer is the Holy Spirit. I’m having trouble right now. I know I need to pray. I know I need to stay in this room longer. But I need you to help me I’m having trouble right. Wow, and the Holy Spirit will help there. But but that’s the first step to say I’m not coming out of this. The second thing, and I think I have like seven or eight in there, but the importance of, of valuing the scriptures more than you value anything else in your life. So it’s got to be not only a truth, but your truth. It has to be because

let me think, let me find the Scripture. It’s in John:15:7 where the Lord says, If you abide in Me, and My words abide in you, then you can receive whatever you ask for. Yes. And so like I work with somebody, there’s somebody on our staff, and she she kind of oversees our entire staff if she were to quit, it would shut church down, but she studies the word completely different than me. I mean, she reads chapter after chapter after chapter and it it’s just it’s it’s like her hearts like a sponge. Man, she cannot read enough. Well, I’ve always had like ADD, which I don’t want anyone to pray for me. It’s it’s a deeper dimension, leave me alone.

And so if I read a chapter, I forget what I read. So what I do is I write down every single verse that I love. Yeah. And I memorize it. And every single day I go over those verses. And while I’m going over those verses, I’m telling the Lord, Your word says, yeah, that if your words remained in me, then I can ask. So I don’t know what else you want me to do. Right? Well, right balls in your court? Well, right. Like I’m doing step one, I’m praying without giving you a rest. I’m doing step two, I’m in it. I don’t know what else you want me to do. Yeah, come on, right. And this will be the last step that if people are interested in more steps, they can get the book, but you have to take a risk. You know, you spell risk. I’m sorry, you spell faith R-I-S-K? That’s right. You have to take a risk. And sometimes, you know, you go 0 for 10 Nobody got healed. You don’t want to pray for that 11th person, right? And you just have to keep going for and going for it and going for it. And then when you get that breakthrough, everybody’s gonna be like, Man, how did it happen? And you’re like, I was relentless.

Jimn Kyles 17:44
I didn’t stop. I didn’t stop. So was there a point? Listen, when you so so here you are. If you are interested in praying for people experiencing God moving in a supernatural way through you? I do. I want to encourage you to get the book, man, I’m telling you, it really inspired me. I told you, there’s a part in the book where I literally teared up and cried with you. But there’s great stories about you going to Costa Rica, in that where you went Costa Rica, and the three couples that met you there and every one of them got healed. And the fascinating thing was, you didn’t pray for them. No, wait for the one person right for the first person. Yeah, you had her turn around and pray for the other. And I was like you pray for I think, didn’t you say God heals in advance? Sometimes? Yeah. Is that Yeah, I

Frankie Mazzapica 18:31
don’t even pray for the first one either. Did I?

Jimn Kyles 18:33
Whatever happened, God healed in advance? Yeah. Yeah. And then finally, the last one, you know, so but it’s fascinating.

Frankie Mazzapica 18:38
What’s funny about that story is,

Jimn Kyles 18:42
is those three people didn’t even believe in healing. Isn’t that amazing? And they weren’t even Christians. And you stood there. And yeah, share just a little bit of the faith that you had

Frankie Mazzapica 18:51
I told them a testimony of somebody that got healed. That’s right. And I was like, Can I pray for you? And, and well, I was like, where’s your pain? And she went to feel for her pain, it was her back or something like that. Yeah, I can’t remember. And it was gone. Yep. And I was like, Well, that just proves that God doesn’t need me. Sometimes. I said, but now you believe in miracles. It just happened. So why don’t you pray for the person next? And then she gets healed? Yeah. And I was like, Well, now you believe in miracles. It just happened to you. Why don’t you and and I’m laughing because I’m like, Man, I’m the pastor and I’m just sitting here ever just I got a front row see on on people who have never experienced the presence of God, but they were willing to take a risk. That’s right, because I challenged them, hey, just go for it. And they were willing to take a risk.

Jimn Kyles 19:41
So did that. So you talked about threshold where it’s like you just got to be willing to fail and fail and fail? Yeah. What did you see that when you began to pray for people and did you see there was a whole lot of dry times where nothing happened? And then all of a sudden it was like the the faucet was turned on? The waterfall happened? or did you see glimpses? Like, I’ll pray for a few here? Someone gets healed here. How did that happen for you?

Frankie Mazzapica 20:06
Yeah, it actually happened in a moment, believe it or not. So I spent probably nine months after I read that Finney book of just, you know, I pray every day for 30 minutes, no breakthrough, pray every day for an hour, nothing, pray every day for two hours, nothing every day for three hours, nothing. And I just saw a look, you know, and, you know, I say every day on most days, I don’t want to, I don’t want to stretch it, but you know, pray in two or three hours. And I was watching YouTube one day, and I came across Bill Johnson, and this guy named Randy Clark trading stories about people getting healed, like, like you and I would talk about sports. Yeah. And I’m like, This is insane. So I reached out to Dr. Randy, I didn’t I’ve never even heard his name. I was like, okay, he leads Global Awakening, never heard of that, either. I’m not even sure how I feel about that name of a ministry. So I call him and I said, Hey, I will meet you, anywhere in the country. If you give me one hour of your time. Well, I’ll start on time, I’ll end on time, I’ll have all my questions ready. And he gave me an hour. And my first question was, is there a difference between being baptized in the Holy Spirit and being endowed with power? And he said, Yes, while he invited me to Brazil, he prayed for me. And after he prayed for me, the very next person,

not the very next person, there was a couple there was some time in between that but so I felt bones move Wow, when I when I feel it, but in the book I talk about, there’s two ways to receive an impartation. The first way is, is when when God sends His anointing through a person to you, that’s why Paul said in Romans 1:11, along to visit you, so that I can impart a spiritual gift to you that will help you grow strong in the Lord. But second way, is, is straight from God, human beings not involved. Right? That’s a Solomon, God showed up in his dream, right, and get into had an impartation of wisdom right there in his bed, right. And so I can tell you this, that everything changed after that initial prayer. Wow. But that was four years ago. And the healings have only increased and the you know, before there, I’d never seen a blind eye open. But it took two years later. And I’ve seen three people, their blind eyes open. And so I say that to say that there was more importations afterwards, but that nobody pray that was in my own time with the Lord. And I didn’t feel anything, there was no electricity, I just started noticing things were that things were happening. And so when I walk into my prayer time I am I’ve made up my mind, I’m gonna pray, believing that I will not be the same when I walk out of this room. Wow. And so impartation takes place two ways, one from a person and others straight from God. But a lot of times, you can’t get to the person that you want to pray for you. Right, you know, you can’t get close to him. You can’t find him. That was a very unique situation. But the anointing is not coming from them anyway. It’s coming through them while so.

But the increase of anointing that I talked about in the moment, that’s all that’s all following the biblical steps that I mentioned three of them, but it’s all in the Bible that I just put in 176 page.

Jimn Kyles 23:46
Well, I’m gonna ask you another question. Because then I what I want to do is I want to flip to someone who actually needs a healing, maybe you’re listening. You say, I need a healing, I want you to tell us kind of what we can do and how we can prepare for that. Yeah, but the last thing is this. Okay, so here you are, you’ve experienced 1000s of healings, untold amount of healings, as you pray for people. Tell me this is every person you pray for now? Do they get healed? You know, what does that look like? Now? How do you know? So someone’s here saying, I want to step out? How do you know when God is speaking to you to pray for someone? Versus you just thinking something like, is there a way to differentiate? Yeah, what does that

Frankie Mazzapica 24:26
so no, not everybody I pray for get gets healed. You know, when you go for healing, and you go for miracles, and you’re believing God for that you are signing up to live a life of mystery? Yeah, oh, that’s great, because there’s no rhyme and there’s no rhythm. You know, if

Jimn Kyles 24:43
you ever had someone you prayed for, that you thought would be healed didn’t get healed. And

Frankie Mazzapica 24:47
that happens every Sunday. Every Sunday, people get healed every Sunday. People and they don’t get healed. There’s only been maybe three or four times in the last four years. Where everybody I pray for got healed, it was just crazy. But

Jimn Kyles 25:01
that kind of makes you feel better. And the reason why I’m accentuating this because there’s kind of a mentality like, if you don’t see 100% people, then you’re just missing God or Yeah, but it sounds like to me, there may be some. I mean, like, it’s pretty common. So yeah,

Frankie Mazzapica 25:17
you know what? I’ll say, I’ll say this, a lot of times people will, will blame themselves, right? If people are not getting healed, like, I, the anointing that was on my life is not there anymore. I’ve messed up too much. You know, they blame themselves or they blame the person. I know. It’s not on me, it’s on you must have sinned in your life. You don’t have enough faith. Which is crazy. It’s not even biblical. Because in the Bible, people were getting healed, and they weren’t even praying. You know, like the father who brought his son who was a demoniac, the kid didn’t even make the prayer request the father did. So the son who knows if he even had any faith, yeah, you know. And so Lazarus

You know, it was his sister that that had the so you can’t blame the person, right? I mean, I love you what you said, maybe it’s the person maybe it’s not, but it’s definitely above your paygrade. That’s right. I love what you said, the mystery of it’s the mystery. And then you say, well, it’s God’s it’s God doesn’t want them to be healed. That’s not scriptural. Yeah. And so who you gonna blame? You can blame yourself, you’re gonna blame the person gonna blame God? How about we do this. We pray for every single person we can. Well, if they get healed, you give the glory to God. But if they don’t get healed, you leave it with God. Wow, that’s it, then you move on just the only thing, the only thing you can do is put your your hand out there and say in the name of Jesus, and just believe that something can happen. And

and the more people you pray for, the more people get healed.

Jimn Kyles 27:00
I love what you said. You talked about the two types of prayer. Yeah, there’s a suggestive or not suggested but a request petition, prayer petition. And then there’s a prayer of authority. Yeah. And so there’s, there’s a difference in that and I forget exactly how you label Yeah,

Frankie Mazzapica 27:15
she there is a petitionary prayer, and there’s a command commanding and prayer and, and a petitionary prayer. And when you come before God, and you ask your petition, asking, Will you, please Yeah, well, that’s not how we pray for sick. That’s not how you pray for the sick. But that’s what we hear often. Yeah, because it’s very safe,

Jimn Kyles 27:30
safe. Gotta say, because then it puts it back on God. Well, God, if it was your will, you’ll do it. I’m out of the picture. But you’re saying and even in your book, again, if you don’t have his book, you gotta get it. It’s in the descriptions grab it. You talk about the authoritative or the commanding prayer. Like we’re just walking into this like it is God’s will. So we command on you

Frankie Mazzapica 27:51
know, if you want to see what Jesus did you got to pray the way Jesus did. Yeah. And Jesus prayed only commanding prayers. Yes. And you know, here’s another step I write in my book. I have seen 1000s and prayed for people to get healed, and they have been healed. Yeah. But the vast majority of people that I’ve prayed for I have to pray for him a second time.

Jimn Kyles 28:21
Oh, say that again. So you have to pray for like,

Frankie Mazzapica 28:25
like the guy in Costa Rica, right? So I’m in Costa Rica. And I see this guy’s leaning up against a like a pub, or a bar Catina or something like that. And he’s obviously blind. Right? And so I called him over to pray for him. And there were some other locals there. And they were all gathered around. And so I said, Who here believes that God can heal this guy’s eyes? And I’d never prayed for a person who was blind before? And nobody raised their hand. And I’m like, Well, if if God heals his eyes, then he can heal you. Isn’t that true? And they’re like, Yeah, that would be true. Wow. So I pray for him. He does not get healed. The commanding prayer command in the name of Jesus Eyes open in Jesus name nothing.

Jimn Kyles 29:11
Is that as simple as the prayer is that’s

Frankie Mazzapica 29:14
because that’s Jesus Prayer. Jesus.

Jimn Kyles 29:18
Yeah, cuz sometimes I’ve seen it’s like this long prayer that’s the mantra because they’re scared

Frankie Mazzapica 29:22
to be quiet

they’re scared to find out if they got healed or not right so we’re gonna make this as long as we can because the anxiety so so Jesus prayed five words five commanding words I pray five commanding words he did not get healed prayed for him again did not get healed I said, hook it. I’m gonna pray a third time. Same thing. All of a sudden, so what did you think it so what are you thinking at that time? So third, when do you stop when will it typically I stop at two to three is rare, rare, but I had so many people staring at me.

Oh, plus a whole circle is sweat was on my back. Yeah, no so you prayed first time nothing prayed second time. So in the name of Jesus eyes be opened yeah it you know, this is scriptural as well I mean Jesus had to pray for a guy a second time before he received his whole healing that’s right. I mean he said I see people move in like trees and then he prayed for him again it was perfect. So I’m like, Well, I’m not Jesus, but I better at least pray a second time, right? And third time you do it and then I don’t think anything’s happened. It I don’t think anything happens until he drops his head starts crying. Because I’m like, well, when he said when he dropped his hands start crying. I knew he was gonna get healed. That was gonna be the first person I’ve ever seen get blamed because I’m like, Why is he crying? Why I didn’t say Holy Spirit come and make this guy cry. Right? I mean, I don’t even know that he believed in God. Well, I mean, he was leaning up against the cantina. Right? And so there would be nothing that would make him cry, right. But obviously, the Holy Spirit was touched. And I was like, well, oh, my goodness, if the Holy Spirit said to me, he’s gonna get healed. Yeah. And you got to heal. So what happened? So he starts crying, is he saying, Hey, God, you know, he’s just crying. And so he opens up his eyes, and we start holding up number one number to fingers. And he’s like, Uno dos, he starts counting people’s fingers. And, you know, everybody got so excited. That was that was one of the days where everybody got healed that we that we prayed for Wow. Because the faith was just so Wow. So then when that happens, do you give a salvation call your Did you, you just point it. You know, what’s interesting is when you’re praying in Jesus name, and they’re there, they get healed. They’re believers now. Wow. Wow. Yeah, that’s right. You know, I mean, they’re gonna go and testify Jesus. Absolutely. And that amazing. It’s crazy. Yeah. Well, and if you these stories, encourage you, I just, again, want to point you back to the book. What an amazing time. I know, for me, reading the book has stirred my faith to do as you said, you said we do the things that he’s been doing but even greater. Yes. And I think part of that is even through technology, you know, just didn’t have a podcast. He just didn’t have television he didn’t have. So I wonder if someone is here right now. And they’re listening to the podcast or watching on YouTube? What would you say to them? They need a miracle hearing their eyes. Maybe they’ve got cancer in their body? Would you? Would you pray for him now? Well, yeah. 100%. And I was gonna, I was gonna say that because, you know, if somebody first of all, before I pray,

there’s, there’s two, there’s a couple of different types of feelings that a person needs. Number one, it’s like emotional healing. Right? Okay. Number two, is something like their body can’t do something that it should be able to do. Right. Right, like lead be

Jimn Kyles 32:57
a diabetic produce insulin, no longer producing insulin? Yes.

Frankie Mazzapica 33:01
Yes. Yes. Yes. So there’s internal and there’s external. So like, for example, if somebody has a torn rotator cuff, got it? Okay. So that’s, that’s more like an external. But if it’s like the example you just gave, that’s pancreas right? That’s inside up. Right? Right. So if someone has cancer on the inside of you, so there’s emotional and then there’s like bones and ligaments, and then there’s, like something on the inside of you. The reason why I’m talking about the three categories, because if you fall into the second category, like

there’s, there’s a part of your body that you can’t move anymore, right? That’s how it was, you can’t move it anymore because it causes pain, or there’s metal in your body. My goodness. I mean, I don’t even know how many times I’ve seen metal in a person’s body disappear. Wow. But if there’s metal there, what I want you to do while I’m praying is I want you to try to move that part of your body. Yeah. And I don’t want you to try to do it for like, once or twice, I want you to do it for like 30 seconds well, and if you don’t feel healing at 30 seconds, then I want you to do it again for 30 seconds. And I want you to say thank you, Jesus while you’re doing it, that’s great. Because this, this prayer is gonna be powerful and it will heal, right? Not because I’m saying it, but because of the confidence that I have. In the name of Jesus when we pray wow, So now if it’s emotional, or if it’s on the inside of you, you know, you can’t move and try to provoke the pain because it’s on the inside of you. It’s in your emotions, or it’s inside your body. You can’t move to provoke the pain. So you’re in category one or category three. And so in that case, you just have to close your eyes and you know your body. Like I prayed for somebody one time.

She I think I wrote this in the book But she couldn’t feel her this, she had no feeling in her legs because of a surgery that she had. And I didn’t even get to pray for her either. Like I was telling her, I was about to pray for her. And then all of a sudden Gods started touching her, and she got rocked when she got healed, but she felt something leaving her body. Wow. And so if it’s on the inside of you, and I’m about to pray for you, you know your body, and you can feel something leave in your body. Or if you start getting hot, or you start getting a tingling feeling, you start getting cool. This is the Holy Spirit touching you. Wow. And I prayed for some people online last Monday night, it was on someone else’s program. And they were putting in the comments that they were being healed. And so, you know, I want to say put it in the comments. I’m not afraid that no one’s going to put anything in the comment. Um, I’m excited about that in the comments, I expect people to get healed. So I’m just gonna pray right now. And in, you’ll notice the commanding prayers that I’m praying, they’re not God, I asked you or God will use their commanding prayers, because that’s how Jesus pray. So in the name of Jesus right now, and I’m going to just pray for all three of those categories. Every single person that’s been hurt, that somebody you, you believed would take care of you and that you put your trust in them, but they’ve hurt you. I pray in the name of Jesus, that the Holy Spirit will give you strength right now Holy Spirit, in Jesus name, give them strength, to forgive. That’s a supernatural thing. That’s not something that they can decide to do. That’s a supernatural thing. So help them to forgive. In Jesus name. I speak healing to your emotions and healing to your mind, right now in the name of Jesus. And I just want you to just take a minute and just receive that in for every single person that you can’t move your arm or your back, or your legs or your neck or whatever your shoulders because it causes pain, in the name of Jesus, every bone, every ligament, in the name of Jesus be healed now. In Jesus name. Yes. And for every person, I just speak like a waterfall that the Holy Spirit would begin to pour on you that you would begin to feel the healing heat of God, you’d begin to feel him healing you and washing every single sickness from cancer to what was that thing you said earlier? Diabetes, diabetes, we speak against diabetes right now, I believe in Jesus name. But that may not have just been a random example. In Jesus name. Be healed in Jesus name right now. And and put in the comments, put in the comments how and even though I’m done praying, that doesn’t mean that you’re done praying. And so when you’re ready, put in the comments and give the Lord glory.

Jimn Kyles 38:10
Yeah, absolutely. What I believe supernaturally, we’re gonna hear stories of people that God has healed, not because of you, but because in you 100% house in Jesus’s name, and here’s what I want you to do in the description, there’s a link for you to send us a story. If you’re on YouTube, put it in the comments. We want to hear, we want to celebrate. I’m so excited about your book. I’m so excited about you being here today. And thank you, thank you for spending the time with us. Thank you for encouraging us. And I want to encourage those of you that are listening, if you are a believer and a follower of Christ, and he started something inside of you, I want to challenge you to go step out and start praying. Yes. expect God to move. And let’s go bring Jesus to a hurting and dying world. Yeah. And then those of you that were sick, unbelieving, we’re gonna hear stories of how God healed you. So excited about that. If this has been something that has touched you, would you also would you rate and follow and share the podcast with a friend. I’m expecting God to do some great in this podcast to heal people, to set them free and to really see something miraculous happen just because of your willingness to come on Frankie. I’m so delighted and so grateful. And I do want to encourage those of you that haven’t already pick up the book, read it. I’m sure it’ll be just like me. I couldn’t put it down. And I know it’ll bless your life. I can’t wait to be back with you next week. So until then, keep moving your life forward. God bless

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