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016: The Power of Paradigms

Our negative paradigms, our negative subconscious thoughts, are creating these cages and in today’s episode Pastor Jimn and Pastor Jolea will help us identify where these negative paradigms are coming from and what is causing them. Pastor Jimn will then share the four things we can do to reprogram the negative paradigms and help us break our negative subconscious patterns.

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Jimn Kyles 0:00
Welcome to the unstuck and unstoppable podcast where we help you move your life forward. If you have ever felt like you’re in a rut, or that you’re sabotaging your life in some area of your life, you’re listening to the right episode of our podcast today. I’m your host Jimn Kyles. And I’m here with Jolea Garza.

Pastor Jolea 0:18
Yes, you’re gonna be good.

Jimn Kyles 0:21
We’re so delighted to have you with us. I know many of you are watching on our YouTube channel. We’re glad to have you watching the podcast and many of you are listening through iTunes and whatever media outlet that you consume your content. We’re just so grateful to have you a part of the podcasts. We want to help you move your life forward. Yeah, hopefully you’ve been enjoying the podcast. I do want to give a shout out to Kevin Moore back here. Mr. Technical Director running all things tech. So grateful for you. He makes this podcast happen each and every week. And so we’re so grateful for the behind the scenes team that he has to make that happen. Hey, well, we have been in this last couple of weeks, talking about the four essential building blocks. Yeah,

Pastor Jolea 1:04
yeah. How do we avoid the biggest regrets in life? And so we have spent so much time just diving into identity and purpose and vision. And now we’re

Jimn Kyles 1:14
a paradigm. That’s right, yeah, it’s gonna be paradigms. And so for those of you that are brand new to the podcast, we first want to welcome you, thank you, this content has been coming out of my book that is going to be released November 15. You go the website, Jimn kyles.com. And you can pre order a copy now or, by the time you’re listening, you’ll probably be able to order your copy get shipped out to you directly, super excited about it. What we’re doing here is we’re just giving nuggets that will help you, as you’re listening to the podcast, really move your life forward. If you want to dive deeper, I do want to encourage you to get the book. Absolutely. So go to our website, we got tons of great ebook downloads that we’re trying to make available to you. Just to help you our goal and mission in life. I am so passionate. And I know Jolea feels the same way. We just want to help you move forward. So many people. In fact, I started to write the book and was doing research and it says up to 80% of Americans feel stuck. Wow. 80%. I’m a pastor. And so my passion in life comes from helping people become who God created them to be. And that is all that this podcast has been, you know geared to do is give you 25 minutes of hey, what can I do right now to get unstuck. And then if you want to dive deeper, which it’s gonna take you diving deeper, so you’re gonna have to go and download some of the resources, be a part of our community, we have our Facebook

Pastor Jolea 2:39
community, where we’re in there, we connect with people, we’re seeing great stories of life change happening there. And I was actually even thinking over the last few weeks, just how long this journey how this journey has impacted me, you know, so being a part of this, as you were writing the book, and we were all there was a group of us that got to be guinea pigs have been stuck in this journey. And I was like, man, really, truly my life is forever changed because of the process. And so I just love all of the content, I say that to say, you know, you talk about all the different content. So you have the book and the podcast, and the Facebook group and community. But all of it, all of it is are such great additions and tools and resources for the journey. And I believe my life has truly been changed by it. And I know that other people’s lives are going to be changed by this as well.

Jimn Kyles 3:25
Well, thank you. Yeah, I recorded we recorded the audible version of the book. So those of you that are like I don’t want to read it, but I listened to it. That’ll come out in November as well. And we literally read word for word, all 242 pages of these 52,000 words. And I was reading I went back home, it took us five days. And I went back home to Phyllis and said, Wow, that’s really good. I needed it. Because I just booked that keeps on giving. Well, my brother calls it an evergreen book. And what I want you to know is we’re not sitting here claiming we don’t get stuck or have ever been stuck. And even in the book, I make it very clear that I’m going to be very transparent. And I am yeah. And I think the part that I want people to realize is it’s not a one and done right? Oh, man, I’m stuck here again. Okay, what do I have to do? The good thing is, is that you now have tools in your toolbox. And that’s what we want to do is give you tools so that when you feel your life getting stuck, maybe it’s in your the area of your identity or purpose or vision or paradigm, which we’ll talk a little bit more about today. Then you’ve got tools, right to say okay, I feel stuck. I know what stuck feels like but I’m not stranded right? And if I’ll do a little bit of work, because that is the key you can know what to do but not do what you know. And you got to do what you know. And then then what’s going to happen is you’ll be able to self diagnose and then just keep your life moving forward. Yeah. And so I do want you to know we’re excited to be on the journey with you. Today we’re gonna be talking about paradigms the power of paradigms

Pastor Jolea 4:58
Yeah, I think it’s funny um, Sure if somebody’s listening to this podcast and you’re like we’ve talked about paradigms, and then maybe some of you are new to the podcast, and you’re just now listening, we do have a couple of other podcast episodes that have covered this. And so pastor Jimn, I know you have a couple of different directions that you’re going Yeah.

Jimn Kyles 5:17
Today will be brand new content. But episode number two, we talked a little bit in introduced paradigms, dry rot and blowouts, then episode four and five, yep, we really talked about sabotage the paradigms that our subconscious that are sabotaging your life, so we’re not going to recover that content. Today, what we’re going to do is we’re covered new content. Again, the book has so many facets and layers. We could talk about it almost a week in week on and you know, just keep on. But I thought today, I wanted you to hear a quote that, I think encapsulates where a lot of people find themselves to people live trapped in a cage of their own making, and they’re often simply unaware of it. Wow, wow. So think about that. Just let that be like I’m trapped in a cage. But many people think it’s a cage someone else made? Because we blame, yes, it’s easier to blame them take responsibility, if it weren’t for you, a victim. And what we’re trying to help people see is there are no victims. If there was ever a victim, you could say the pastor Paul was a victim. And never once that he ever claim that card and say I’m a victim. He’s like, No, I’m a victor. Take responsibility. What is it that I need to do regardless of the bad things that have happened? And we talked a little bit about that. And so today, I just want to I want us to just diagnose maybe we’re living in a cage that we made. And we’re simply unaware of it. That’s great. And so we have to realize that that we do I think we do live in cages, you know, and here’s why. Because we live in a fallen world. Yep. So we’re believers and Christians, and many of our listeners are and people that watch on YouTube. But that means that sin entered the heart of humanity. So no matter what kind of a good family upbringing, you have, yeah, there’s still going to be sin and brokenness. Yep. So I used to say, all their, you know, growing up in my immaturity, I’d be like, Oh, they’re dysfunctional. And what I realized is we’re dysfunctional, I just my dysfunction has become normal. Yeah. It’s so good. Just because I’m okay with it doesn’t mean it’s healthy. And so everybody has a level of dysfunction. And here’s, here’s what we know about paradigms, too, paradigms are formed by the thoughts that come into our mind that we believe Wow. And so you know, I talked about several stories. But you know, I’ll give an example. And we talked a little bit about before, but for those that are jumping in, you know, my dad worked a lot growing up, we went on to restaurants. And so we did a baseball game, I was an athletic young person. And I was first baseman, and I batted fourth. So that’s where the cleanup, you know, so they call me the cleanup guy. And so we typically hit the ball really well. And this one game my dad said he was coming to, and lo and behold, I hit a homerun. And I’m looking around, he’s not there. Two thoughts came into my mind that formed my paradigm moving forward. One was your great athlete. Well, I’ll never forget thinking because it had been I’d hit several homeruns. But for whatever reason, this was a Grand Slam. And I’m like, I’m a good athlete. And I’ve always believed I’m pretty good. Yeah. The second thing was that your dad doesn’t really care. Wow. So you’re not important enough for him to show up. And so from that time on, I always struggled with the value of my life as a person, like if my dad wouldn’t show up. If he’s not there, then why would anybody else. And we know as an adult, That’s so silly. My dad is such a loving man. He was such a kind and gentle man. He just had responsibilities. And he was the manager of a restaurant at that time. And so he didn’t even have flexibility with his schedule. It’s yeah, you do what you have to do. But the point of that is, those thoughts came into my mind. So a thought by itself, listen, doesn’t have any power. So if you’re listening there, I mean, think about the power of a thought or the words that someone speak over your life depend on the place that person has in your life, that’s a total stranger said, Yep, you’re ugly, you’re dumb, you’re stupid. You don’t blow them off. You’re an idiot.

Pastor Jolea 9:23
Let a family member

Jimn Kyles 9:24
someone who’s close to you, or in a moment where something mattered. And it’s like then someone close a girlfriend or a father or a brother or a sibling I talked about, you know, my older brother called me fat in the book. And you have to read that story and the lie that I believe, and even as a as a healthy teenager still fought this self image saying that I was fat. When a weight problem, it was a self image prime. But again, it’s the thought that came into my mind. And then I believed it. Once you believe it. Now it’s sewn into your heart. And we call it the subconscious.

Pastor Jolea 9:59
So Sounds like the believed It’s the belief. Thought, yep, whether

Jimn Kyles 10:03
true or alive, so good. And that’s what’s the most powerful because I think a lot of us have trauma from a lie that we believe not the reality of the situation. And so that’s where you have to realize, too, we live in a fallen world. And the devil is trying to steal, kill and to destroy our lives. And so something could have happened, and nothing bad actually happened. But your thought of that event, just like with my dad, right? You know, of course, he came back later and said, Well, I’m so sorry, I had to work. But at the time, it was just too, too little too late. Right, exactly. So that situation wasn’t the truth. But the lie that was believed created this paradigm, and I struggled, you know, most of my teenage and young life with that.

Pastor Jolea 10:43
And maybe you can speak more to this. But even as we’re discussing this, the reason why I think we talked so much about paradigms, why, you know, there’s so much in your book about paradigms is because the truth is, they’re good paradigms. That’s right. And there are bad paradigms. And if we look at our lives, our life is defined a lot by great paradigms, you know, the way you were raised and the decisions that you made, if you went to college, you went to college, because there was a paradigm that told you college is important, a good education is important. And so you make decisions based off of that. And so that’s why we focus on the bad paradigms, because just as much as the good ones to find your life, the bad ones also

Jimn Kyles 11:20
went well, and here’s the thing that you have to realize the thing that that I really love about paradigms, is the fact that no matter where you are with the paradigm you have, you can always change it. And once you change it, you really can direct your life because paradigms happen subconsciously, you’re right. The paradigm is the subconscious thought the subconscious programming that runs in the background, you live well, up to 95% of your life is ran through the subconscious. So most of us are living in one study, up to 90, some odd percent of people are living life. on autopilot. Yeah. So you probably didn’t even think about how you drove to work and what street you took. You started checking out you got in the car. Why? Because you drive that way, every time. Yeah, you don’t think about breathing, you don’t think about all the little things that you do in your life throughout the day. And so what we’ve done is we create these neural pathways and the neural pathway, when you first do something, say something’s, it’s almost like running on a dirt road. It’s it’s like a, so you’re out in the field, and you’ve got this open grass. Well, the first time you may make a trap,

Pastor Jolea 12:30
right, but you have to intentionally Yeah, well, you do it

Jimn Kyles 12:33
intentionally you’re blazing a trail. Well, the second time you think that thought do that action, that’s great, that path becomes more worn and more worn and more. So then now that path turns into a trail. And then you do it enough, now it becomes a highway. Wow. So you create this massive infrastructure in your life, which is awesome. I have good habits, right? Like I wake up at 530 every morning. Yeah, you got your quiet, you can do it easier. Yes, yes, you’re working out right, got a I’ve got a schedule, and it’s so they say 30 days is really what it takes to change the way you you behave and live. The first 10 days are just absolutely painful. And the second 10 days stretches tolerating you can tolerate it. It’s not painful, I can tolerate it, it’s okay. But then it’s really the last 10 days where you start to begin to find joy and fulfillment. And so that’s where you begin to build this highway, whether good or bad. Yeah, that’s great. And, and some of us are comfortable, become normal in our dysfunction. And you don’t even realize it. But if you were to take a step back, you’d be like, Wow, that’s, that’s really not healthy. Coping, or, you know, I’m just triggered. And so I’m just reacting everywhere. And so there was a great video, I’m gonna read a little bit of the video of Elevation Church put it out, it’s put in my book, I think it’s page 190 In the book, which is called the human brain. And I thought it illustrates, in a powerful way, what I’m talking about. So I’m going to read some of it. Listen to this, the human brain is made of approximately 100 billion with a B neurons. That’s approximately the number of stars that exist within our galaxy. Wow. Can you imagine how that’s how many neurons are firing and firing off? Right? Yeah, with over 5 trillion chemical operations occurring every second. Wow. And signals being transferred at the speed of over 260 miles per hour. Our brain is rapidly analyzing and responds to all the sights, sounds and smells around us. Can you imagine how complex God made us? Absolutely. It’s absolutely amazing. And the challenge with that, though, again, is that we were born as sinners in slaves to sin. And so our minds have been programmed to behave out of a selfish desire. And so the way we think and dream and reason and act and live to the ways of the world, the ways that we were just taught whether good or bad, right or wrong. And for us to change that, we have to create new neurological pathways. And that’s the thing that really this whole paradigm concept is I’m gonna create a new neurological pathway and create new behaviors, new actions, new thoughts, new words. And it’s really creating this from a dirt road to a highway. Now, what we have to understand, though, is to build a new highway, you have to tear down the old highway. That’s so good. That’s where the subconscious what you got to look at. And here’s how I would diagnose it where what area in my life do I see repeated often? Patterns, that’s a pattern that I want to change. So let me say, so maybe you’re bouncing from one relationship to another relationship, one job to another one job to another job, maybe your finances, you get ahead, but you’re always find yourself in debt, you’re drowning, maybe it’s physical, where you lose a little bit of weight. You, you know, you gain a bag, it’s just a seesaw of weight loss weight. Those are areas where I would say there is a subconscious sabotage happening. Wow, that’s so good. Yeah. Because if you weren’t sabotaging yourself, you would be able to be consistent, and keep making progress. And you’ll notice it’s not typically all of your life, right? It’s usually one or two areas, you know, and some of it is all, but what you’ve got to do now is you’ve got to go back, and you’ve got to say, I’m gonna destroy, and tear down the old subconscious pattern of thought, Okay. And so what we do is first say, let’s recognize that area. So first, what you want to do is recognize the area. So let’s say what you want to pick one.

Pastor Jolea 16:43
Let’s do let’s do finances, finances.

Jimn Kyles 16:45
Okay? So let’s say finances, you get a bonus, you make more money, but you find yourself constantly spending more than you make, because paycheck poverty. Here’s the fallacy people think poverty is the condition of your income. It’s really a fallacy. It’s poverty as a mentality. Yeah. So you can make six figures, you can make seven figures and still have a poverty mentality. And it comes from lack. So a lot of times, you’ll grow up in a scarce environment where there wasn’t a whole lot of things provided. And so you start to say whether it’s not enough, or the flip could be is that you just never learned self control. And so there’s this insatiable, I’m not happy, I’m not fulfilled. And you’ve got to go spend more. Yeah. So so you can kind of find yourself in different areas. Yep. And so what you got to do then is say, What, When was whatever emotion that I’m feeling? So let’s say, Man, I’m just, I’m broke. I feel like, wow. So when was the first time I felt like I didn’t have enough? Wow. And you gotta really tap into the emotional part of right, because here’s what happens. And and I hope you’re capturing this, but it’s great. The subconscious has no age. Yeah, that’s so so when we see someone who gets triggered through trauma triggers, or we see a sabotage, it’s an inner child that’s presenting itself in present day reality. Yeah.

Pastor Jolea 18:12
So what I’m hearing you say is that we have to go all the way to go back. So wherever we were finding a pattern in our life today, go go as far as

Jimn Kyles 18:19
whatever emotion that you can get to the root of why you did what you did. So So here would be one, two, you’d like relationships. So you bounce from one relationship to the next relationship. And you find yourself three months, and I’m dating someone, and then I find myself sabotaging it? Well, that could have been you were abandoned as a child. And so you feel like you had someone that you love might have been a friend, a parent, a brother, or sister, and you were super close, and somehow they abandoned you, and you subconsciously made a decision. I’m never gonna get that close. So once you get past the threshold of that relationship, and you get to the place where you made that decision, as a child, right, you’ll start to sabotage it, because subconsciously, you’re going to make sure you protect yourself, I’m gonna protect myself. And so then you’ll do something stupid, you’ll say something, you’ll start to push them away. And you don’t even know why. Well, it’s the emotion of that child at 5678 1215 that had the relationship of the person that abandoned them left them and you made sometimes an inner vow never got again, allow that to get I don’t trust it. I’m never trust men. I’ll never trust women. And so you just got to go back to Okay. I felt that man when and sometimes that’s the hardest part of the whole thing is being very open and honest and candid and saying, When did I feel that and the truth is you got unplugged. You got to get to a silent place, a quiet place, turn your phone off, and it’s gonna take a little bit of work. Yeah. And then so maybe it’s a six year old. My dad left. I was six years old. Well, if you don’t fix that, that six year old child is the one that shows up in prison. In a reality, so my

Pastor Jolea 20:01
question is once you figured out maybe where that’s come from, and I know that’s a much longer process, that’s what we journey. But so once you’ve identified that, then what did you in your attorney in your process? What do you do next? How do you get

Jimn Kyles 20:13
what I’m still doing? It’s really funny. I’m about up into my teenage years now. I’ve been in therapy now for about eight, nine years. And as a therapist, I have a life coach. And we still process to this day, he’ll be like, when’s the when’s the first time you felt that was still go through it? But here’s what you do. You got to then identify that lie. What was the lie that was present? And I believed in that moment? Well, so for me, my dad, I’m not valuable enough for my dad to show up. Yeah. And here’s the lie. If my dad won’t show up, who else who else will? Yeah, so I can’t I remember when I first got married to Phyllis, I sabotaged our marriage, the first year or two of our marriage. We almost divorced. I mean, there’s a host, you know, we’ve given our story and testimony. But part of that was me, because I had to deal with what I later would recognize the sabotage of that relationship. Because if my dad wasn’t good enough, how is the woman of my dreams gonna be enough? And that was a tough three years of marriage, the first three years of us figuring that out. That’s a great example. But you know, and that’s where maybe you’re listening and you’ve gone from one divorce to another. It’s, it applies again to every era. So what’s the lie? And then you’ve got to replace it with the truth. And so remember, deconstructing the highway, if it’s a path, it’s no big deal, but once it’s a highway, you got to constantly go back when you feel that emotion, right? And you get escalated, or that inner child tries to sabotage again, you got to go back and say, No, here’s the lie that I believe back then. It doesn’t exist. It’s not true. Yeah, I am worthy. I am worth love. People do love me. My dad did love me. Yeah. And so then you replace that lie with the truth. And you’re building a new neural highway. Got it. That’s great. And so you have but it takes you declare, yeah, confessor, and you’re

Pastor Jolea 22:02
bringing your subconscious not into the conscious mind or something to actively

Jimn Kyles 22:07
actively. And just acknowledging it is half the battle, right. But there’s many times I’d have to say my dad does love me, my dad did love me, Phyllis does love me. Because remember, the goal is not to just deconstruct a highway, the goal is to build a new neural pathway from one highway. Yeah. And that’s where the subconscious, it is tricky. In fact, when I began to write the book, and you know, this, I thought the whole book was going to be about the subconscious, because I haven’t heard a lot of people talk about it yet when how it impacts your life. But the subconscious unconscious part of our lives is such a huge, it’s, it’s like the iceberg underwater. You see the top of the iceberg above the water. It’s so nice. And it is such an interesting thing that if you’re not aware of this, and start to diagnose and acknowledge the areas where you’re being sabotaged. This is why this one to me is so important. Because you can learn your identity, who you are in Christ. You can know what you’re supposed to be doing, what God’s assignment is for me today. And I can know where I’m going. Yeah. Which is the vision God has for my life and my marriage, my find all those other areas, and still and still not get there. Yeah, and still be stuck, stuck. Still, that’s even more frustrating, right? And I think that’s where Christianity gets frustrating. Because you come to church, and you hear people talk about identity and purpose and vision. But you’ve done all those things. And you recognize that gummit there is something deeper Yeah, that I’m stuck. And I don’t know

Pastor Jolea 23:37
when I’ve seen it, you know, because we’re a part of helping lead this church too. You see it all the time where people have engaged and they’re so excited, and they’re like, I’ve uncovered my purpose. And I want to be a part of that. I’m going all in and I want to have that within there. I see it so many times where somebody goes all in, and then all of a sudden, they’re gone. And I will go and ask them, you know, well, what happened and and they’ve got caught up. That’s right, their finances or what their marriage and they because they’re back in a cycle that they never broke

Jimn Kyles 24:06
that didn’t break the cycle. And that’s why I think spirituality also has to have the, the duality of not only spiritual, but the psychological. And that’s one of the things I tried to do in the book. I had a theologian helped me, but I also had a psychiatrist right. So Randy was up there helping me making sure because the Bible we talk about the heart of the man. But psychology talks about the subconscious, right. And so you can get it a little bit where man of God I’m dealing with my heart there, but your heart is the subconscious paradigm. It’s the it’s the pattern of thought. It’s the way you’ve allowed yourself to program. Yes, yep. And we’ve got to address both because otherwise, it got to change you transform you and you’ll come out of the world for a little while, but then you’ll go right back in and get stuck in those old cycles. So to move

Pastor Jolea 24:51
forward, we got to break those gotta break times. I love that scripture, the Romans 12 Two. So you say don’t conform. It says don’t copy the behaviors but Let God transform you into a new person by changing the

Jimn Kyles 25:03
wage in the way you think. Yeah. And also, I’m telling you, yeah, and then you’re gonna learn what God wants for your life. And all of that happens. Because think about this, if you didn’t change the way you think your thoughts, even if God speaks to you don’t understand it, or it doesn’t align with your old pattern. That’s why you got to deconstruct it. And I just want to encourage you, we got some great resources on the website. I hope this has helped you. And also want to go back and listen to episode two, four and five, yes, because in those episodes, we’re going to talk about how subconscious paradigms are formed. Yeah. And so that’s really, really powerful. And then we talk more about paradigms and the filter of your life, how that your life is framed and filtered, and it’s through the paradigm. So go back and listen to those. Yeah,

Pastor Jolea 25:49
well, why don’t you just give us just kind of put a bow on it the four things to do to really just help reprogram those paradigms?

Jimn Kyles 25:56
Yeah, I think you gotta, again, let’s just diagnose the area where you seem to have a pattern, right? That’s negative, you know, not one that you’re getting results that you don’t want. Right? Then you’ve got to expose the last so you got to feel the emotion of when you sabotage what emotion are you in guys, listen, I get it. You’re like, I’m not emotional. I wouldn’t either. In fact, I talked about I have a whole section in the book called this chapters, a note for men. Because I’m the most I don’t cry, I probably cried five times, you know, as many fingers on my hand, I just don’t cry. I’m not emotional, very even keeled. But what I realized was, if you don’t allow yourself to experience the low lows of disappointments in life, you can experience the high highs of joy. That’s Good was really speaking to me about that. And so but that emotion gives you a trigger point where I can go back to right because again, remember what’s coming up is your inner child in that moment. Okay, so when’s the first time I felt the emotion? And then you want to expose the lie that you believe so being okay. Well, here’s what I believe everybody will abandon me, right? I’ll always be broke. They’ll never be enough. Yeah, that’s a lie. It’s an absolute lie. And see, as a child, it’s not fair. Because to you at that time, it is true. But as an adult, it’s an absolute lie. Because I get to have my own actions and behaviors. Even if I was in a dysfunctional or abusive home. I’m now an adult, I can change those things. Right. So expose the lie, but then you’ve got to replace the lie. And I would say not just with truth, but God’s truth. So good. Yeah, really important. Get God’s word in that area. God, I am loved. I am cherished. I’m valued. And then you gotta you got, I would say this. Write it down. Yep. So I can read it. But then you got to declare it. Yeah, that’s good. So you know, some churches, you say your confessions, your daily confessions, where we’d say, your declarations? Yeah, just as you would stand up and say, you know, I’m successful. I’m, the world’s tapped into it. Yeah. Because what are you doing? When you look in the mirror? God’s Word is true, whether you’re applying it secularly or, you know, in a in a biblical context and where they’re doing, they’re declared, I’m successful, right. I’m smart. And they’re creating new neural pathways and new neural paths.

Pastor Jolea 28:09
No card. Yeah. Well, I read on your own. Yep.

Jimn Kyles 28:13
Actually, my merit the house, I’ve got my my purpose statement, my identity statement. Yeah. And I say it every day. Yeah, I am a general. And then I say the other stuff.

Pastor Jolea 28:21
I haven’t. So I have mine on my in my phone Notes app, and I just stayed in the car.

Jimn Kyles 28:26
And then here’s what I would say, keep speaking it until you believe it. That’s great. Don’t stop until you believe it. Because it’ll take about 30 days. I remember when I began to declare my purpose statement. And I have done several identity statements. And it’s just it just takes time. And then you’ll begin to believe it. And then what are you doing? You rebuilt the new highway, and you’ll begin to see your life move forward and not be stuck. So that’s kind of that helps.

Pastor Jolea 28:48
Yeah, that’s awesome. Yeah. So next steps. Yeah, we can continue to connect and move forward.

Jimn Kyles 28:54
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