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014: Moving Your Life Forward With Vision

Vision is the ability to see beyond your present reality, into the future reality that God has for you. It is what helps us stay disciplined and focused on our goals. Oftentimes, a lack of vision makes us stuck and prevents us from seeing beyond our present circumstances.

Today, I and Pastor Jolea will share practical tips that will help you pull yourself from your negative reality to see a positive vision for the future.

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Jimn Kyles 0:09
Welcome to the unstuck and unstoppable podcast where we help you move your life forward. If you find it difficult to see beyond your current circumstances in life, whether it’s your career, your finances, your marriage, maybe it’s your family, your health, any other area in your life, you are listening to the right episode of our podcast today. I’m your host Jimn Kyles. And I’m here with Jolea Garza. Yay. Joe, Joe, come on, come on another great week here at Unstuck and Unstoppable.

Pastor Jolea 0:38
It’s just so fun to record these I feel like every single week we go a little bit deeper and a little bit better. So this going to be a great one.

Jimn Kyles 0:44
Well, it’s been so good to have so many of you on the journey. We welcome you if it’s your first time to listen to the podcast, welcome. We are thrilled whether you’re listening or you’re watching on YouTube, I always want to give a shout out to our technical director, Kevin. He is doing a great job. And so we appreciate all of your feedback, your comments, in fact, many of you are leaving reviews and likes, whether it’s on social media soon a lot on Facebook and Instagram. And then, you know, wherever you’re consuming the content we just really appreciate it helps us get the word out. Yeah. And we’d love your feedback. And we really have enjoyed hearing from you cope with some schools happening, at least in my book, November 15, November 15. Yep. So if you’re joining us, and it’s after November 15, then

get a copy. You can preorder a copy. That’s

right, you can pre order the copy right now. Just go to the website, Jimnkyles.com. And you can actually get your pre ordered copy today. Everything is now up and running. And we are so so excited for the release of the book Unstuck and Unstoppable. So, so great. Now today, what over the last couple of weeks, we’ve been talking about the four building blocks of life. Yeah. So the first week we talked about is discovering your identity. Second week was discovering your purpose. Today we’re going to talk about the third major building block of life and vision. Yes. And so I am thrilled to have you join us today. Next week, or actually, today’s gonna be a two part series. Starting. We’re starting the topic today, laying the foundation. Yep. And then it will do part two next week. And then we’re going to do probably a week or two of paradigm. Yes. And that’ll be the for the final building block of life. And then I’ve got a couple of bonus episodes in me that I’m really excited about. We’ve been prepping about some and super excited about that. But today we’re gonna talk about moving your life forward with vision. Yeah, vision, vision, vision. Vision is so important. You know, when we said in the intro of the podcast, if you’re finding it difficult to see beyond your current circumstance, wow, it might be a vision problem.

Pastor Jolea 2:57
Yeah. And I just wonder, you know, and maybe you can breathe into this, just how many people live their lives without vision, and they get to the end of their lives? Just just surviving?

Jimn Kyles 3:07
Well, it’s an interesting thing. We can Yeah, I don’t know that you can measure a percentage. But here’s what I would say if you get to the end of your life, realizing that you’ve simply drifted through life. Yep. I often think of the visualization of a boat, right. And if I’m on the sea, if I’ve got vision, that means I’ve got a course I’ve got my engines are going in that direction, the motor is propelling me in that direction. But if you don’t have vision, what happens is you’re subject to the storm, right? So wherever the sea takes you, you drift through life, and so many people there, they’re going aimlessly through their life.

Pastor Jolea 3:44
It’s just like, just like going to the beach, very similar, very similar. Just you have you ever gone to the beach, gotten into the water, I’ve been in the ocean and the you look up and you’re, you’re miles away from where your family setup is. So if you don’t keep your eye, I’ve learned that if you don’t keep your eye on where you’re supposed to be, where you’re going, you can drift so easily so

Jimn Kyles 4:04
easily. Well, that that’s a such a great illustration. And I would say this the world around us the world we live in, has the ability and often does pull us away right from where inside of us we have a vision to go towards right. And so it’s so critical to have men I’ve got a vision and vision is all encompassing, right? When we say vision, I’m a business guy. I get the privilege, Jolea’s one of the pastors here at the church, I’m the pastor of this church as well. And, you know, when we talk about like church vision, we understand that a lot of times we talk about business vision, like you give me a vision statement for your business. Well, you wouldn’t start a business without a vision, right? I mean, you know, you gotta why you exist, what is the vision of our church? What, what is our goal that we’re aiming towards that we say that is the vision, you know, for us is we want people to know God find for even discover your purpose and make a difference. Like that’s our vision. So if it doesn’t fall within the vision, we don’t do it. Yeah. And what I have found is that many times in life and a lot of the people that I’ve talked to, they get it. So when you talk vision, when it comes to a career, they never lack vision, right? But the question that I look at is, you can have a great career and still be stuck in life. Because you didn’t have a vision for your marriage. Yeah, you didn’t have a vision for your family. You didn’t have a vision for your finances. You didn’t have a vision for your spiritual walk, you know how many people say, Well, I’m a I’m a Christian, or you know, spiritual, you may not be a Christian, but you like I’m spiritual, but you got to know, like, where does that spirituality take us? Yeah, well, for me personally, it’s, I am a committed follower of Jesus Christ, I’m a disciple. Yeah. Well, that discipleship has a growth plan, right?

Pastor Jolea 5:56
I know where I’m going, I know where I’m going progress to be made. And I know if I’ve made it or not,

yeah, well, this just gets me so excited I have so I have so many thoughts, you know, just about vision and the power of a vision and, you know, just echoing what we talked about last week with a purpose. And it’s just so important that, that you you understand what your purpose is outside of what you do. That’s right, you know, because then, you know, that’s where that’s why it’s easy to say, oh, yeah, at my job, I want this promotion in this race. And, and we can do that our entire lives and just climb the job, the career ladder, and then still look back. And man, it’s like, what, what else should I do? And so that’s why it’s so important for us to realize that vision does not just happen in the context of a nonprofit, or a church or in the context of a business or a career. But you can have vision in your personal life that leads you and allows you to move forward.

Jimn Kyles 6:52
100%. And here’s the I would even say this, I think that people have vision, too. But it’s negative vision. And we will talk about that in just a minute. Because vision is not just a positive forward progression. But if you’ve got a lesser than reality that you see that’s worse than where you’re at, right, your vision is negative, it’ll actually pull you back. Yeah. And I’m going to talk about that in just a minute. But let’s just lay the foundation, what is vision vision is the ability to see beyond your present reality, into the future reality that God has for you. So in your notice, I said the future reality that God has for you, because we believe again, that we were created by an intelligent designer, we believe God created us. And so the vision is, God it’s I can see the reality that you have for me now I’m not experiencing that reality. But I can see it right. I’m moving forward in In fact, I love the passage, Proverbs 29:18. This proverbs was written by King Solomon, and he was the wisest man who ever lived. But I love what he says here. He says, where there is no prophetic vision, people cast off restraint. Yeah. And one translation actually says, perish, people perish. Yep. But blessed is he who keeps the law. And he was just talking about prophetic vision. So in other words, I can see where I’m going, what he’s saying, Look, if you can’t see where you’re going, that you won’t have anything to keep you where you’re at, wow, you’ll cast off restraint, you’ll go this way. You’ll go that way. And so what a what a powerful message that where I have maybe even just gotten stuck. Maybe it’s not the fact that I don’t know who I am. Maybe it’s not the fact that I don’t have a purpose right now. But I had a painful day, and I didn’t have anything to pull me beyond the pain. Wow. And that’s what vision does vision can pull you past the day of pain into the day of the future.

Pastor Jolea 8:49
And I so I’m curious to know, like you talked about we talked about identity. We’ve talked about purpose. We talked to you about even painful purpose. Well, that was so good. It was my favorite part of last week. But But talk about how, how vision in itself. You can you can know your identity, just like you said, you can know your purpose. But how does vision get us stuck? It’s like if I’m doing all the right things there, but vision is still going to stuck

Jimn Kyles 9:13
if we don’t have

Pastor Jolea 9:14
vision, right? Yeah. How do we

Jimn Kyles 9:16
absolutely well, but and that’s a great question. Because you can be you can know who you are. You know, I know who I am. I’ve got my identity. I know what I’m supposed to be doing. But then a day of pain comes and you’re so here we are. Let’s just talk about financially. So say, Man, I know who I am. And I’ve got purpose, I’m working my job, but you don’t have vision to be debt free and a vision to be what the future holds for you. Then when the days of pain come when the days of trouble, you leverage everything. And you had to, you know, maybe you had to go take out a second mortgage in the middle of a pandemic, maybe you had to take out a unsecured loan to pay some medical bills, maybe you had to, but what will happen is if I don’t have a vision then I’m going to be debt free. This was a moment of a setback. But my setback doesn’t have to be permanent. Yeah, I’m going and I’m still going there. But a lot of times what will happen is a day of pain will come and you’ll let go of the vision of debt freedom, you’ll let go of the vision of financial security, because you’re like, now I’m overwhelmed. And I’m too far gone. Right? So you had a vision, but a tough point. It’s hopeless.

Pastor Jolea 10:29
Well, and I just, I think that that’s where I almost, and I’ve seen it even, you’ve exemplified this many times in the church division almost forces you to get creative. I know what my purpose is. And if I’m gonna get there, I’m gonna have to get creative. It’s not always easy.

Jimn Kyles 10:45
No, and I’ve refused to let go with the vision because I refuse to let go of God’s vision for my life because of a temporary setback. And then what you’ll do is you’ll say, Well, maybe that wasn’t God’s vision for my life. So you release that now what happens is, you’re in this muck, you’re in the mire, you’re in the mess. You’re drowning in debt. And now you feel hopeless. Because you feel like it’s impossible. Well, vision is impossible. And that’s okay. But what we know is that eventually, if I don’t let go of the vision, here’s what you have to know, you become what you see. That’s about that you become what you see. So that’s where, okay, if I realize I am not looking towards the future, all I can see as my present trouble, you will never see beyond that day, you’re stuck. And eventually you will become stranded. And I would even propose, you’ll start to have a negative vision, you’ll start to go backward backslide. And you’ll self fulfill the prophecy of what you’re seeing. Here’s, I’ll never forget I talk about it in the book. My grandpa, he just passed this last year, and man was he was such a great grandpa, and we loved him. And the one things grandpa always struggled with was he struggled with his weight. And so he was a golfer, he was on the senior tour, and he loved golf, and he had a pro shop and all these things, but he always struggled with his weight up and down, up and down. And so grandpa decided that he was going to have the lap band surgery, okay. Now, you know, this was probably 10 years ago, 15 years ago. And I asked him about that it was just a couple of years ago, it’s probably about three or four years ago, I said, Grandpa, are you? How do you feel about having had the lap band surgery because the lap band surgery, just reconstruct your body to where your stomach is smaller, and you can’t, it’s like you, you can’t eat as much, right? And grandpa said it was the worst decision I’ve ever made. If I had it to do all over again, I would never have done it. And I said, Okay, why? And he said, Well, you know, it just, you couldn’t eat as much. And he said, Really, truthfully, I would still gain weight. And that’s what the studies show. The studies actually show. People who have had lap band surgery, I want to say it was like 70 plus percent actually go back to their original weight and beyond. Because what happens is they’ll continue to eat but that stomach will stretch. Because then they get sick. So even though it’s stretching out, it’s just it becomes this real unhealthy thing. Well, then fast forward after asked him that, I was up in Montana with a group of pastors and we were doing a retreat and one of the pastor’s he had lost 150 pounds. I mean, a lot of weight. And I’m like, brother, you look good. And I said, Tell me about it. And he began, I said, did you have LapBand? He said, Yes. And I said, Well, how do you like it? He said, Well, it didn’t work for me either. And he began to talk about, you know, I did it. It didn’t work. I was frustrated. He said, but I didn’t quit. He said, I knew there was something I could do. So then he took it a step further, and he went got the gastric sleeve. Okay. Now, I asked him, I said, why was that successful? Clearly, you’ve lost weight. I said, was it the fact that one was the lap band and one was a gastric sleeve? He said, No, he said, the doctor who gave me the gastric sleeve, made me go through six months of intensive counseling. Before he would give me the gastric sleeve when they did the lap band. They just did the surgery, right? And he said, What I realized was, it wasn’t that I had a weight problem. I had a self image problem. Wow. He said, What I saw was when I did the lap band surgery, I still saw myself as fat while I still saw the vision of who I was. And so what I would do then is begin to fulfill the vision of what I believed I was and what I saw was, he said, but I went to six months of intense counseling. And he said, This is what they made us do. They made us reimagine ourselves as the new version of us. And he said I would have never imagined that just visualizing a skinny me standing in front of the mirror who is self controlled, who doesn’t over eat that has the ability to say no. He said, Now it took a lot. And I’m not saying that was easy. And I’m not saying it’s always been easy, he said, but what I realized what now, when I got the gastric sleeve, it was a tool to fulfill the vision that I already am, I’m already skinny. Wow, I’m already. And I thought what a perfect illustration of what vision is vision is seeing the future you in the present reality. Wow. And if you don’t have a future vision of your So here would be just to be practical. I know you got married people, listen, you’re married, you’re sitting here, maybe you’re in a tough spot with your marriage. If you’ve been in a tough spot with your marriage for a long time, a lot of times all you can see is we never get along. All we do is fight. We’re never gonna make it. Well, you are constantly that’s the vision

Pastor Jolea 15:54
you’re so that it just becomes a self fulfilling prophecy, your per se, what you say is what you are what you eat.

Jimn Kyles 16:00
And the longer the mess that you’re long you’re in the mess, the less likely you can see beyond the mess. But if you would start to get a vision and say, Man, we are a loving couple, we go on date nights, we affirm each other, we listen to each other, we communicate well with each other. We’re in the prime of our life and have never been more in love with each other. So that’s a vision of your future marriage, not your present. And what you’re doing is you’re bringing the future into the present reality, and you will become what you see.

Pastor Jolea 16:31
Yeah, I love that. So let’s get practical I love how do you do that? So I love that example, even with the the lap band story as well. You know, there was an intentionality that it took in order for for the gastric sleeve to fit and to work, right. So just when you’re in your marriage if you’re in a tough spot, and it’s like I can’t see past today, how do you how do people pull themselves out of their reality in order to take enough time to see a vision for the future? Yeah,

Jimn Kyles 16:58
well, I mean, I think there’s a couple of First off, you got to start to focus. I think, first and foremost, if you’re sitting here, maybe it’s your finances, maybe it’s your family, maybe it’s your physical health, maybe. And you say, Man, this is an area where I realize that I don’t have any future vision of where I want to go. I think the first thing is awareness. Okay, I lack vision in this area. That’s why I’m stuck. Now I’ve got to set aside some time. And for me, I’m a very visual person. You know, we’ve had tough times in my marriage. I’ve been married 22 years, Phyllis, and I’ve been in counseling now for right around eight and a half years. My mom was a counselor. So I was raised in a family of counselors, you know, so I am not unfamiliar with it. But what I realized back then is number one, now I’ve got to focus if it’s marriage, maybe I need to get involved in a small group, go to counseling, do something where someone can help me see beyond my present day pain. Because there was a point in my marriage, there’s been times where it’s like, I couldn’t see beyond the pain. I couldn’t see beyond the trouble. And so my counselor said, no. Okay, let’s think about all the good things. And I’d be like, I can’t see any good. There’s nothing good. Yeah. And you need someone to say, Well, why did you marry her? Right? Why did you spend time with him? Yeah. And it’s like, why don’t know, because you’re mad. You’re right, you know. And then lo and behold, you’re like, well, because she’s fun. And she’s loving, and she’s empathetic. And she’s, you know, she knows how to really connect. And then then what you can do is start to say, Okay, here’s another thing, I actually had pictures of loving marriages. So because I’m so visual vision board, it’s a vision board, a vision board. So then I actually I put the word love. I love that fun, you know, exciting, travel. And so I just began to create a vision board for my marriage. Same thing with finances, I’ve got pictures, you know, where God it’s like, even just a decade from now, I’m actually in a home now. That was a part of my vision board. 10 years ago, wow. And I said, God cares about that, as in God fulfills the desires of your heart back then it wasn’t the time. But it’s like I had, you know, all the things that my house that I have now was a part

Pastor Jolea 19:06
of a vision. It’s so funny that you say desires of your heart. First of all, I’ve had that conversation, it feels like a couple times, even just this week, but it’s so interesting, because I think that’s really what it is i i Say, I almost said vision board cautiously, because there’s this whole deal right now about manifesting and just, you know, speak it into existence and speak it into the universe. And that’s not necessarily what we’re saying. But it’s like when you can see it, you know, where you can begin. And so I think a vision board is very, a very practical and effective way. But But really, what drives the vision forward and how we know it works is if we’re in alignment with God, and then also just knowing that God wants us to have the desires of our heart desires in our heart. Yeah. So the vision, the vision,

Jimn Kyles 19:49
and I would even say there is something to the manifesting. You know, that I think the world just remember this all wisdom comes from God. And so they’re using principles from God’s word whether they’ll admit it or know it, they probably don’t even know it. But it’s like, you can walk off a building, you don’t fall to the ground if you jump off the top. Why? Because it’s gravity, right? It’s a law. And so vision is a part of God’s law. It’s the way like he said, Here, if without prophetic vision, you cast off restraint, right? We become what we behold. I mean, you could go story after story in the Bible, and God gave him a picture, God anointed David as King 15 years before he became. So what was that that’s a vision of where David was going, David, you’re a king, you’re gonna stay in a field, you’re gonna watch smelly sheep, right? You’re gonna run, you’re gonna serve, and you’re gonna serve kings. But I do want you to know that my vision for you in the future is to be a king. Right? And so there is this, you know, David had to have that in his heart. He had to be Think, think about the time he’s running from Saul going to kill him. And, and what’s he doing? I can imagine in the cave, he’s like, this ain’t the same vision for God, you told me look like yeah, I’m a king, and then I’m anointed. And I think it’s what it’s what even pulled him beyond that pain to live the life he lives so that he could fulfill it. And so I do think there’s power in vision and vision boards and, and declaring and speaking it, because, again, what vision does is it helps you realize that where you are right now is not where you’re going to end up. Yep. And we get stuck. Because we feel like where we’re at right now is the only thing we’re ever going to experience. If you’re broke financially. And here, I want you to hear this, you may be broke financially. But if you can get a vision for your finances, you don’t want to stay there that didn’t intend for you to be broke financially. In fact, the blessing of Abraham is that we would be blessed so that we could be a blessing. Yeah, that’s great. And so you got to just realize, I know, and it has nothing to do. I talked a little bit about it at church this last week, you know, it has nothing to do with how much money you make, you know, you could be broke and be making seven figures, you can be broke and make six figures, or whatever it is, you know, wherever your lifestyle is, at this moment. And so realizing that that vision is beyond just how much I get paid or current situation. And so, vision is super important. And it really is something I believe, is neglected, and especially when we find people that are stuck. And then just remember, vision is all encompassing, every area of your life where it Do you have a vision for your health. That’s great. You know, I think about me that when I turned 40, I realized, man, I’m not getting any skinnier, and I’m not getting any younger. I have a vision for my health. And I realized, if I don’t have a vision for my health, I’ll drift and my weight will go up and go down, up and down, up and down. vision helps me stay disciplined and stay focused. You’re focused in one not wavering. Yeah, I’m staying in this direction. You may have moments, but I’m not gonna stay stuck.

Yeah, I think you know, we’ve talked a lot, especially when we were beginning this podcast about I’d mentioned the wheel of life, the last part of that as you say where you are. But then the last part of the that exercise is to make some make some vision plans where you’re going to list one or two things in your finances, wanting to do things in your spiritual life wanting to things in your relationships. And so I love that you say that vision is all encompassing. It’s not just one vision, because you can’t you can’t encompass everything under under one umbrella. It has to be, maybe you can, but then you have to have smaller vision for the different areas of your life. So one, one big vision and then smaller visions, or what would you say this,

there can be like a total life mission or vision statement. You know, I feel like that keeps our life moving in this direction. But I would agree with you. Here’s what I want to do. And here’s the homework, we’re going to end the podcast. Yeah, real close to here. And next week, come back, we’re going to give you a few more things about vision. And then I’m going to help you with some questions to discover your vision. So you need to subscribe to the podcast. That way, it’s automatically delivered to wherever it is that you consume the content. And you’ll get next week. But here’s here’s what I would say. And this is where I would start with it. Where in your life right now. Do you feel stuck? That’s good. So cuz if you if you go to every area, I think there are 678 areas depending on how you see the will of life. It’s very overwhelming. But I would say this, where is it that I feel like I cannot be I cannot see beyond today. Right? Where is it that I just feel like man, and your life might be doing really good, but it may be relationally it may be in your family might be in your physical house, maybe it’s spiritually. Maybe he’s just like, I’m just going to church and I just I had no spiritual drive beyond just existing spiritually right. I’d say you’re stuck. And the problem with being stuck spiritually is it doesn’t often manifest until later down the road because your lack of spirituality will always manifest in every area. It just sometimes takes a little while. So here’s what this is your homework for this week. Evaluate a identify, what’s the one area I cannot see beyond today. And I’ve lacked the vision for the future. And then what we’re going to do is next week, we’re going to come back and we’re going to talk about how do I, how do I start the process to get a bit. Because remember, our whole goal is number one, we want you to get unstuck. But number two, we want you to become unstoppable, right? And so that’s why every week we give you the tools and the resources. You know, we give you the worksheets on the website for how to discover your identity, your purpose, your vision, because it’s not just getting past today’s pain, not just getting past today’s problem. I want to build the framework of my life. So that not that I have a problem free life because you’re not gonna have a problem every life. But I don’t have to get stuck, right? And I can keep moving forward. And then there’s moments where it’s like, Oh, I feel stuck. Okay, go back and reevaluate these four major areas of your life. Okay, boom, this is probably where it’s at. Okay, I’ve got it. I can self assess right and self direct. Absolutely. I want to give you tools, right, I don’t want to just give you fish, I want to help you catch fish, I’m gonna teach you how to fish. So that you now have the tools. And then the goal is my ultimate goal is not just to get you unstuck. My ultimate goal is that you would be someone to help people get unstuck and become unstoppable. And then together, what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna change the world, we’re gonna change the world together. So hey, well, before we get off, we got a couple of things. Steps. Yeah, that you can take that we encourage you to take. The first one is subscribe to the podcast so that wherever you consume the content, it comes directly to you.

Pastor Jolea 26:32
Yeah, my second and favorite one is to teach it. Yeah. So spend some time just telling somebody maybe at dinner tonight, this is what I learned. This is just one piece that I took away from today’s podcast,

Jimn Kyles 26:43
then we want you to engage in the online community. It’d be great to see you on the Facebook page. We have a group’s page. And there’s lots of great conversation happening. I mean, they’re talking people are posting videos. I mean, it’s really pretty exciting to see so much. Come engage with us. Yeah, you

Pastor Jolea 26:59
make progress and community. Yes. Yes. Then posts. We want you to post a review. Tell us how this podcast is impacting your life.

Jimn Kyles 27:07
Yep. And then share it. Would you just share it with one person, just one person that you think would benefit from today’s podcast and help people get unstuck and become unstoppable? Well, until next time, we can’t wait to be back with you. Have a great day.


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