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008: Want More In Life? DON'T GIVE UP!

If you’ve ever been at a point in your life where you felt like giving up or throwing in the towel you’re listening to the right episode of our podcast today. In today’s episode Pastor Jimn and Pastor Jolea looks at the reasons why we quit and shares three things that will help us not quit and lose in the game of life.

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Jimn Kyles 0:00
Hey, welcome to the unstuck and unstoppable podcast where we help you move your life forward. If you’ve ever been at a point in your life where you felt like giving up or throwing in the towel or just playing with when you’re listening to the right episode of our podcast today, I’m your host Jimn Kyles. I’m here with Jolea garza.

Jolea Garza 0:18
Yeah, I am really looking forward to today.

Jimn Kyles 0:20
So excited about today to have you join us. This has been such a great podcast. Today I came expecting just to really help people who feel like quitting and throwing in the towel for the last couple of years. Have you felt like quitting?

Jolea Garza 0:38
Because I just don’t know a leader has who is who has not like moments where you’re just like, I don’t think I can go any longer. I don’t think I can go one more day, you know, how do I keep pushing forward?

Jimn Kyles 0:51
Well, over the last couple of years, you know, just through this global pandemic, yeah, there have been multiple times more in the last couple of years than in my entire life have I felt like what am I doing? Why am I doing it? Should I still keep doing it? And listen, if that’s you, and you’re listening, you’re you’re in for a great day today in this podcast. Before we go any further though, I do want to give a couple of shout outs. You guys have been so great that you’re consuming the content. Last month we launched this podcast, it’s been just over a month had almost 1400 downloads, people are listening, I think nine different countries. Spreading the word sharing on social media. It’s been really great. We got a few people who have given reviews, we just want to give you a shout out say absolutely. Yeah.

Jolea Garza 1:34
So here’s one I have a couple in Westar Dale said amazing podcast, powerful message, start motivating yourself to move forward and let this get you going. Yeah, Ro 96 786. Said amazing podcast, very easy to listen to love the examples you guys give. And lets me the listener know I am not alone. Keep it coming. Yeah.

Jimn Kyles 1:58
Well, thank you for those. Just continue to share, if you will, with those people that you think will benefit from it. Yeah, let’s get to the topic today. We’re talking about not quitting. Yeah. And the truth is, we we’ve all experienced that, that man, we have felt those moments where we want to quit and felt like quitting. I just want to affirm that you you’re listening today right now, your normal, normal, so normal, it’s normal for people to have experienced that, especially as what we’ve gone through. And sometimes you can feel like, well, maybe it’s just me, but it’s really not quitting and wanting to quit is a normal part of a process. When things get tough, you know, anything that you want to do in life, whether you want to have a healthy marriage, you want to start a business, you want to have a healthy family, maybe physically, I’ve been on a journey, probably the last couple of months, I hadn’t talked a whole lot about it publicly outside of my staff, the probably the last three months, I just really worked hard to say, hey, we’re going to be in a summer of transformation, not a summer slump, and been working hard physically. But it isn’t easy.

Jolea Garza 3:05
It’s not easy. I think that most people think, oh, there it is, especially if you’re looking at social media and everything. I like real estate, just like you just everybody’s keeping, you know, they’re doing so great, they never stop. And I think that the mark of a great leader is not that you don’t want to quit, but it’s what you do in those moments, you know, and so not even thinking about, like, you know, we lead and and do different things, but even to the parents out there, and to those that are, you know, married and you’re just like, there are always those moments as parents, you’re like, I don’t know, with these children, are they even mine? You know, so we all hit those moments in different areas of our lives. And so it’s what we do in those moments where we feel like quitting really marks us

Jimn Kyles 3:43
Well, absolutely well, and if I know who’s listening, which I think I do your work in both of your work in jobs, your career, people, you’ve got your kids. So not only is it trying to not quit in your career, your job what you do professionally. It’s personally it’s your family, it’s your marriage. You know, you’ve probably been married eight years, 12 years, you got a couple of kids, it’s it’s financial, you know, hardship. It’s, it’s even spiritual hardship. So you know, if I know the listeners, like I think I do, you’re trying to engage with God, you’re trying to continue to grow. And so the attack can come in one of those areas or all of those areas. And here’s what I want to encourage you with. If you quit, you’re just gonna get more of what you’ve already experienced in the past. Yeah. And so when you recognize when you quit, it’s like I am stuck. Yeah. And it’s okay, if you’re there right now, you said I did just kind of quit, I tapped out, you know, I’m just like, I don’t have anything left to give. Here’s what I want to encourage you with is today, we want to give you something in your fuel tank, something where you can say yep, I’ve got a little bit more. I’m gonna try. That’s the whole point of the podcast is just take one step forward, just a little bit better today than it was yesterday, and really recognize that there’s In Chapter 12 of the book that I just wrote, it’s going to be released in November. In fact, as you’re listening to this right now, you could probably either order it or go get a pre order copy at Jimnkyles.com, Chapter 12, talks about temptations, traps and hacks, temptations, traps and hats. And it’s kind of a catch all chapter. In one of the subheadings of that chapter, I talk about the one

Jolea Garza 5:24
yard line. My favorite, this is probably one of my favorite topics in the book.

Jimn Kyles 5:28
And you and I were talking about Yeah, so you’re like, hey, this is this is. I saw it. It’s something that I saw in 2021. Many of you watch the Super Bowl. And I recognize about half of our listeners are women. So you’re probably not watching the Super Bowl to see who wins. But everybody watches the Super Bowl for the commercials. And so there were a ton of people that watch it. In fact, 96 million viewers watched the 2021 Super Bowl, it was a Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and it was the Kansas City Chiefs. And I personally was rooting for the Kansas City Chiefs to win Well, second quarter, they had possession of the ball couldn’t convert it. And so they had to punt it to the Buccaneers. And if you’re not a sports person, I don’t want to lose you because I’m going to I’m going to share with you something that you’ll be able to grasp whether you know football or not, and that is American football. Kind of have to differentiate. Yeah, but they had the ball, they put it off to the Buccaneers and they received the ball in the 30 yard line and ran the football all the way down to the one yard line. And even if you don’t understand football, you can understand this, all they had to do was move the ball one yard to score a touchdown. And they were already winning. I think it was seven to three. So they were ahead. But this was a game changing moment or a potential game changing moment. And the reason why I say that is the Buccaneers received the ball, ran it down to the one yard line. And then you have four plays to get the ball from the one yard line into the touchdown roll. And so professional football teams, I would say 95% of the time can move that

Jolea Garza 7:06
ball easy. Like I know, you know, I’ve learned a lot more about football, but that’s always the nail biter. But man, if you’re at the one you’re on your mind, this should be an easy, easy

Jimn Kyles 7:15
slam. Well, and that’s with one try. The Buccaneers had four tries. Right? So you’re sitting there thinking us and they’re gonna get it. Yeah, first play note, the chief stopped and I was rooting for the chiefs. Second play chief stop them. I’m rooting. Third play. I’m like, You are kidding. They stopped a fourth play. They didn’t even try to do an extra point or Phil goal. Yeah. They said we’re gonna make this and they got stopped again. Now in a game. That is a game changing moment. That’s where the momentum shifts, you would have seen the Chiefs come on board and say, Man, we’ve got it. And in a football game. And in athletics momentum is really a deciding factor on who wins. But what we saw is as you continue to watch it, even though the Buccaneers were shut down in that moment, they use that moment to motivate them to inspire them. They didn’t get shut down. They didn’t quit. They didn’t say we’re failures, rather them. They said no, no, no, no, we’re not going to lose this opportunity. Again, they ended up coming back to the win 31 time wow, and blew out the cheese. But I thought wow, they turned to defeat into an opportunity to gain real momentum to now say, Well, we learned a few lessons. But we’re not gonna let that defeat stop us. We’re actually going to win the game. And they didn’t just win, they blew him

Jolea Garza 8:40
out. Well, I think that that’s so interesting, because how many of us in life have been in the same position as the Buccaneers were at that moment. And yet, like we’ve seen in other examples in sports, where it’s that sets the pace for everything else they do that they gave, if they had given up in that moment, they would not have covered.

Jimn Kyles 9:00
That’s right. Well, and that’s where I wanted to here’s what I want to encourage you. I believe that many of you right now are on the one yard line. And I think that it’s easy for you to experience a defeat Look, maybe maybe it was pre COVID You started a business and now here we are 18 months 24 months post COVID And you feel like oh my god, I cannot seem to get ahead. I can’t seem to get enough accounts. I can’t seem to get enough to I’ve we’re barely making it or maybe something happened. It got shut down. Something went south. And here’s what I really believe. The enemy will tell you, Hey, you’re not even close to scoring. You’re not even close to fulfilling your dream. You’re not even close to where it is. You hope to be or dream to be and I want to tell you I think you’re on the one yard line. That’s good. I think you’re closer than you realize. And don’t allow that defeat to shut you down. Let it not be a loss. Let it be a learn.

Jolea Garza 9:54
Yeah, so I always say like when you feel like giving up we don’t realize how close we are to breakthrough.

Jimn Kyles 9:58
That’s exactly right. Yeah. and all you have to do is just quit and then you’re defeated. Now you’re stuck, right? And being stuck. There is a sense of, wow, at least I have, you know, I’m okay with where I’m at. But the truth is, you’re not okay with where you’re at, you know, there’s something bigger on the inside, you know, your marriage there, God has more for your marriage, you know, God’s got more for you financially and spiritually, and relationally. And so don’t be content with the loss, say, No, that’s a learn, I’m going to learn from that moment. And I’m going to move forward, I’m not going to quit, I want to give you just three things. That out of the book, it’s really chapter 12, there’s, I think, five or six things, but I’m gonna give you three things that I really believe is going to help you you’re listening today. Maybe you have been defeated, or you feel defeated, or you got stopped. And maybe you tried and you tried, and you tried and you tried again, I want to tell you this, try again,

Jolea Garza 10:53
one more time, don’t keep going. That’s great. You don’t lose

Jimn Kyles 10:57
until you refuse to get back. So good. And so you’re gonna get backed up, and you’re gonna say, hey, today’s Monday, I’m gonna learn some things to help me not quit and to lose in the game of my life. And the first thing that I will tell you, and you and I talked about this earlier, I cannot understate this first thing that we have to do. You have to resolve not to quit. Oh, good. Yeah, he’s solve not to quit. That’s not a word that we hear often.

Jolea Garza 11:22
I love the word resolve to me, if you were to paint a picture of resolve, it’s just saying, I’m not moving. That’s right. So I always think digging your heels in the ground, being immovable, like red light, or what is the red light green light, or the one where you read rover? Like, I’m not going anywhere. That’s That’s what that’s the illustration that I imagined. I was off to do something. That’s right. It’s like, Come whatever comes my way. I’m not

Jimn Kyles 11:51
breaking my arm. I’m not gonna read mA or mA. That’s exactly what and it’s a quality decision. Yes. You know, that’s where you’ve got to make up your mind on whatever it is. Listen, I’m sensing even right now you’re struggling in your marriage? And it’s like, man, do I give up? Do I quit? And here’s what I would just say, when there is a resolution that I am not quitting. I am not stopping, then there is something that happens internally and inside of your brain that says it’s not whether or not we’re going to make it. It’s how we make

Jolea Garza 12:21
right. I think we often say that the phrase choices lead feelings follows, right? Isn’t that so easy? Because feelings would allow us to make excuses that we really wouldn’t make if we were looking at things in the right perspective. So even in your marriage, yeah, it may feel as if it’s easier to walk away. But if I make the right choice, here are all the benefits that would come. And so shaky resolve really means that I’m looking at the choices versus following my feelings. And that’s right, a big switch.

Jimn Kyles 12:49
Well, it was interesting. I was talking about the the physical journey of trying to get back in shape before COVID. It was 2018. I think it was I really spent three years getting my body. I’m 45 years young now. But at 40. I’m like, Man, I am going to get it right, right. Well, after COVID happened, now I’m rocking a COVID bod. You guys know what the COVID bod? The plus 15 plus 10. And I just made a determination. I’m like, I’m not gonna live like this. And it was funny. About three months ago, I started doing a keto diet and really being strict and, and Phyllis said, Well, when you when are you gonna stop, I said, I have a goal. I’m not gonna tell what the goal is because it doesn’t really matter. But I said, I will not stop until I reach this goal. That’s great. And there is something with that quality. I told her, I said, I’ve come if I, if I starved myself, if I and I’ve been getting up twice, working out twice a day doing different, takes good days. Yeah. And it’s like, I’m not stopping. He was more I was up at 430. This morning. We had to record this, we had some other things. And I just my point is not to brag on me or try to impress you with what I’m saying. I want to impress upon you. The fact that when you make a quality decision, there’s a flip of a switch that happens. And it’s like, there’s no other option. Yeah. And that’s what I want to encourage you with, some of you are walking into your life right now, you’ve never really made that clear decision. It’s like, well, we’ll do it. If the circumstances worked out, I’ll do it. If my spouse gets better, I’ll do it. If the continent and now you’re going to be financially debt free. I know, I know. You’re working hard. So it’s not if I’m going to be debt free. It’s, I am going to be debt free. So good. There is a resolve and I’m not quitting until it’s done.

Jolea Garza 14:34
I think discipline is another key word here. You know, it’s so it’s not easy to be disciplined. It just really isn’t. But I think that’s such a gift. And so even, you know, for us, we have to retrain ourselves in the areas in life where maybe in the past if you didn’t want to do something, maybe your spouse gave you a way out or your parents in the past give you a way out like you know, I’m thinking about my kids. One of them is old enough now to volunteer for our Vacation Bible School. So they said, Hey, we’re gonna do this, we’re going to sing on the worship team, we’re going to be a part of it. And sure enough, you know, he was one of the only boys up there. And he’s like, I don’t want to do this anymore. And I said, No, listen, you made a commitment, and you made a decision. And so now you have to have the discipline to see it through. And I think it’s the same for us. When we make a decision. When we commit to a marriage, when we say, Hey, I have a goal to work out and get healthier. Now. It’s the discipline that will carry us through and allow us to hit those goals.

Jimn Kyles 15:27
Discipline is a key word, you’re never going to reach those goals, you’re never going to get unstuck. And discipline is something that you can continue to work on. Because even if I missed the mark, and continue to have to rebuild my discipline, if I have the resolve of just knuckle quit, right. So I just want to encourage you to have the results. We say something around here all the time. And I learned it way back when I was a part of this ministry and event and I wanted to quit and that’s this, this, this is what came out of a, it’s I cannot quit, I will not quit quitting is not an option. I cannot quit. So do not quit quitting is not an option. So one of the great things that you can do if you want to build some stamina and tenacity in your life, go run, go jog, that’s great. Because when you jog a couple of miles, there’s inevitably a place where you hit a brick wall. And you’re like, Yeah, so what I would train myself to do, and even now, even this morning, I was I was like I was on my fourth round of the workout. And I’m a man, I just don’t know, if I’d make it I just flipped in my switch. When in my brain, I cannot quit. I will not quit. Quitting is not an option.

Jolea Garza 16:31
I love you used to say, hey, just one more, you know, yeah. Can I just do one more? What do I have one more minute in me? Can I get one more set done? You know, and I think that’s so great. That’s

Jimn Kyles 16:41
so good. So you got to make a quality decision, you got to resolve not to quit in whatever area it feels, or you have experienced a setback. And second thing is I talk about you got to faith it until you make love it not fake it till you make it No. Well, and there’s there’s a difference in this because so many times people say I’m gonna fake it until I make it. And I kind of will not kind of I do have a problem with that. Because I’m not asking you to fake it until you make it. I’m asking you to faith it. Now you may not even be a believer, you may not even be a Christian. And that’s okay. What I mean by faith it until you make it is to realize that who you are trying to become what you’re trying to do is the real you. Yeah. And so when you do things that seem like you gotta fake it, it’s not fake. It’s faith, because it’s who you already are. It’s just not realized in your life. It’s great. So you’re an entrepreneur, great. Your business failed, faith it until you make it you are I am an entrepreneur. Yes, that business failed. But that failure doesn’t make me a failure. I am a successful businessman. I’m a successful businesswoman. And so you failed that what would a successful businessman or woman do right? Not a failed businessman or woman successful? And then you do it? And as you do it, you don’t feel successful? But that’s where the faith comes in? What would a happily married couples? What would a healthy family do? What would someone who was debt free? Do? How would they spend their money or their resources? What would a healthy executive do or so wherever it is in your life, that you’re experiencing a setback or you feel stuck? What is the healthy goal or the destination? What does that look like? And then start acting and behaving and speaking like that? Not because you’re a fraud, or a phony or a fake or a counterfeit? But because that’s who you already I

Jolea Garza 18:37
think, too, you know, we talked about the imposter syndrome before, you know, and hey, I don’t feel and so I love this because it’s it’s really what it’s saying is everything that you are called to be all of the dreams, every aspiration that you have, all the things that you feel you have been called to accomplish in this life is already on the inside or the inside of and so even practically, you know, you’re like, Hey, I’m looking at my marriage, or hey, I’m a failed entrepreneur, right? It’s all about the words. So even saying going from am a failed entrepreneur that built a business didn’t work. Hey, I am an entrepreneur, I am called to open and start businesses that thrive. You know, as you begin to save life over who you are, hey, my marriage is built to thrive. I have a good marriage and it’s going to be good as you begin to say those things and if you are a believer, you speaking scriptures over your life. And really just pulling things out. That really helps you bathe it until

Jimn Kyles 19:29
well, that was thinking of Thomas Edison of just thinking about I can’t remember exactly I want to say it was 1001 times he worked on the light bulb. Yeah. Can you imagine I made to feel like a failed inventor. Yeah. And yet he has given us this modern phenomenon of light that comes in the form of electricity. Yeah, but he just quit. He didn’t quit he kept moving forward and he didn’t take this this mentality. I’m a failure. 1000 times can you imagine 1000 times is 1000 times yes alone. Tom,

Jolea Garza 20:00
I just don’t I you know, even as we’re just talking, I don’t know of any great success. And a person that maybe we aspire look up to that hadn’t had some major epic failures, before they succeeded, you know what I mean? It just separates every you know, is what separates people when I

Jimn Kyles 20:18
was even thinking about the book that I just wrote, actually have six, five or six manuscripts of other books in my in my computer, that are unwritten, and I thought, I remember when I started writing the book, unstuck and unstoppable. The thought was, well, will you actually finish this one? Will it actually get done? And there was something in me, I’m like, this is the one. Yeah,

Jolea Garza 20:37
but you never stopped saying I’m an author and author. I said it all the time, right. And so it’s not about you know, but what happens in this moment? Yeah, but it’s just the result of I’m not gonna give up quick. And I still believe I am going to speak life over who is

Jimn Kyles 20:51
called to me, I must speak who I am, whether I’ve realized it or not. And third thing is this. And this principle is, I really think this is going to this, this will bless many of you. It’s something that I learned, I can’t tell you where I learned it at think I was walking through just a really tough season. And it’s this and it’s gonna sound super simple. But I’m telling it’s probably the most powerful thing that I do in my life today is when you are feeling like you’re ready to quit, you’re ready to throw in the towel. You get home. The day’s been exhausting. You had a horrible day at work, your kids are going cray cray, you gotten the biggest fight with your spouse, ever. You get the bills, you look at your finances, you’re financially broke, it’s nine o’clock at night. Now you’re sitting there, you’re frustrated, you’re angry, you’re the call quits, you’re like it’s done. And in that moment, you pull out your laptop, and you fire off the email, I quit, I’m done. I’m not doing it anymore, right? What we fail to realize is at the end of the day, we make these massive life change decisions that then cause us to be stuck because we’re at the end of the day. So here’s what you got to do. When you’re experiencing the day like that. When you want to quit when you want to send the email when you want to tell your spouse I’m done when you know your kids. You’re moving out I’m giving you away. Just go to bed. That’s

Jolea Garza 22:12
my favorite. Just go to bed. I love it,

Jimn Kyles 22:16
go to bed. And it’s the most powerful principle that I think that I have ever come to realize in my life. Because there have been many moments where I wanted to quit, I wanted to get done. And I learned if I go to bed, what I’m doing is I’m now speaking I’m a Christian and a believer and a pastor. I tag God and I say God, I’m going to bed all of my problems. This Yeah, now yours. And it’ll drive you crazy. If you feel like you have to have a resolution and I can’t do it till it’s all soft on it. You’re not gonna solve it all. But if you’ll go to bed, what happens at the end of a day like that is your grace is at the end of the day. And God’s mercies are new every day. New strength, new grace, new power, new wisdom. And when I go to bed and get a good night of sleep, then I wake up I spend the first few minutes of the next day I’m having quiet time I’m praying, I’m reading my my word. Maybe you meditate, whatever it is that you do you get your center for your life. Well now as I face those same challenges that the night before seemed like like and yeah, there’s no hope. Like, it’s now it’s like, why wouldn’t that be?

Jolea Garza 23:26
Yeah, okay, well, I’m okay. I think I you know, you probably have shared this a couple of years ago now. And I use this in my personal life. I believe that this is so so powerful. Because when I go to bed, I really am just releasing it. But but making decisions at night when you’ve had a long, long day. It’s like making decisions at a heightened emotional experience. It’s like, you know, having a bad conversation with your boss one day and saying I quit and walking out versus just saying, let’s just take a step back and reevaluate you and how much better is it when you wake up? And I do often wake up and just say, wow, it wasn’t as bad as

Jimn Kyles 24:04
Yeah, you because you have to remember we are emotional beings, men, women. And you know, you have a bad day. And I wish you could say it comes in layers or it comes in waves. But it doesn’t typically do that. For me. Usually, it’s like a bad day. I get it from every which way. Yeah. And you just have to remember you’re in a spiritual battle. Your life is a spiritual battle. The enemy wants you to quit. He wants you to throw in the towel. And sometimes you’ll send off that email. You’ll fire off those comments. You’ll call that person and you set off enough things in motion that you sabotage your life. Yeah, you said your boss is now like, No, I’m done. We’re good. Your spouse is like, hey, you’ve said that one more time. One too many times. Your kids are like Ben mom, you fire off things that are just and now you find yourself in an emotional frenzy your your your life is a wreck. And it’s really because you sabotage

Jolea Garza 24:55
you keep making decisions at the end of the day. And maybe it’s just it’s not just go to bed. But also, like, if maybe you can’t go to bed, maybe it’s the middle of the day and you’re like I’ve had it. Just reset, reach, take a step back and stop whatever you’re doing, you know, go for a walk, I was listening to a great teaching a while ago that says even a 15 minute walk for leaders, helps them process, it helps you just reset your day and then come back to whatever you’re doing. So I really think it’s just taking time to reset before you make rash decisions.

Jimn Kyles 25:26
Yeah, and I really want to encourage you with this don’t make any major life decisions at the end of the day. So again, you know, at the end of the day, say, Hey, I’m gonna reserve my son just bought a truck. I was telling Julie about it. And it was so cool. Because we went looked at it. We said, We wanted it, but we had to come back the next day to buy it. So we put a deposit on it. And I told my son, I said, Really, this is the best way to buy because I’ve had a night to sleep on it. Right? He loves the truck. He’s excited about it. But is it really a great financial deal? Is it really a good deal for him? And I think that’s where for each and every one of you, I want to encourage you, if you find yourself at that place, hey, just pause. Say God, I’m gonna give this to you go get some sleep sometimes just close our mouth, close our eyes, shut down our mind. And then wake up the next day and ask God for wisdom. It’s not what I do. And I promise you if you’ll do that, it may change the course of your life because you won’t, you won’t derail it, you won’t sabotage it. And so I really think those three things if you’ll work on make a resolve I’m not quitting cannot quit when I quit quitting is not an option. phased it till you make it not fake it. I don’t try to be something you’re not. But but who you are, and who God’s calling you to be like, I’m gonna face that. That’s that I’m gonna live it out by face. And then the third thing is, look, when life gets overwhelming. When it’s at the end of the day, it’s been stressful, bad things are happening. I’m gonna go to bed. I’m not gonna make any rash decisions. I’m not gonna have any hard luck. Get off those hard phone calls late at night. Don’t do it. Don’t do it. Do them in the morning. When you’re fresh. Your mind has had some rest. Your Spirit has had some rest. And you got new fresh grace for a brand new. I hope that helps you today. We’re going to continue to move on and excited next week. We want to see you back here. Yeah, as we close out the podcast, maybe you’re you’re listening right now and you feel stuck. We have a great resource for you.

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yeah. And absolutely free. We’ve also got other show notes and things that we’re uploading constantly working on, I was working on some Assessment Worksheets with one of our team members. And so just go back to the website. And we just we want to constantly give you things to help you be resource so that your life is not stuck. But you’re moving forward. Absolutely a few steps that we want to do, or want to help you take first one first step is to subscribe to the podcast. Would you just subscribe that way you automatically get it wherever it is that you consume the podcast at

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every Tuesday morning at 5am. Yep, yep. The next is to teach teach somebody about what you learned today. So maybe you just bring them, bring them this information. Maybe you share it with your spouse at dinner today. Hey, I learned that when we’re at each other at 9pm at night, instead of instead of completing the fight, we’re just going to go to bed to start over tomorrow. So teach it

Jimn Kyles 28:15
Yeah, that’s we want you to engage. We’re asking would you engage in our online community, Facebook, go into the right now the podcast description, click the link go to our social media page. Let’s get connected. Let’s engage together. We want to join you on your journey to get unstuck, so make sure you tag me and Jolea and unstuck and unstoppable.

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Yeah, and then post so we want you to post a review. Tell us how you’re experiencing this podcast or how it’s impacting your life.

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