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029: Josiah Alipate, How A Crisis Of Identity Led To A Life Of Social Influence

If you are searching for ways to share God’s influence in your life, you are tuning to the right podcast. In today’s episode, we will talk about identity crises and living a life of purpose. Together with our guest, Josiah Alipate, we will talk about how God influences our life, and how we can use social media to share his influence.

Josiah is a social influencer who has over 400,000 followers on Tiktok, with over 6 million likes and 136,000 followers on Instagram, and 12,000 followers on Facebook.

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Jimn Kyles 0:04
Welcome to the unstuck and unstoppable podcast where we help you move your life forward. My name is Jim Kyles, and I’m your host today. And I’m thrilled to have a special guest with me. Josiah Alipate. He is a coach, a digital creator, a storyteller. He’s a social influencer and a lover of Jesus. And Josiah. I am so thrilled to have you with us today. Welcome to the podcast.

josiah 0:33
Yeah, thanks for having me here, Jimn. Oh, absolutely.

Jimn Kyles 0:36
I want you, those of you that are listening, I want you to tune in with me lock in with me today. I’m so thrilled to have Josiah on the podcast that we’re gonna dive into all kinds of things. We’re gonna talk about identity crisis, we’re going to talk about living a life of purpose. And we’re going to talk about influence how God gives you influence in your life, and then how to leverage it, and what it looks like in living out your life. And so before we go into that, though, I do want to give a special shout out to everyone who has been supporting me and the the new book that we just launched. It’s called unstuck and unstoppable. Thank you for your love, thank you for your support, it hit number one new book on Amazon, in the last in in five categories in the last three weeks. And so I just want to say thank you for your support. Thank you for purchasing it, sharing it, reviewing it. If you’d like to get a copy, you can go to Jimn kyles.com. You can also purchase a copy on Amazon, as well and just want to give a shout out and say thank you for your support. I actually had someone just message me just the other day James Edwards, this is what he said. He said, I just finished your book. I’m not a big reader. In fact, I haven’t picked up a book in years. However, for whatever reason, I’ve been drawn to him and he pointed me to your book to get help through my past traumas, anger, resentment, and extreme levels of pain. It was exactly what I needed. So thank you for following him and his path for your life. So, so grateful for your words of encouragement, James, want to say thank you. Again, if you get a chance to go and buy a copy, go and grab it. I promise you, it’s going to help you and your life. Now Josiah, we are thrilled. I’m excited pumped to have you. Man, it is amazing that you and I got connected through social media.

josiah 2:35
That’s right. Yeah, we got we got connected on social media jumped on to a zoom. And here we are today.

Jimn Kyles 2:41
And here we are today. You know, it was so amazing. I felt when we got connected, that our hearts were connected. Now let me just tell people that don’t know you. They’re not familiar with you, Josiah is a social influencer. You’ve got over 400,000 followers on Tiktok with over 6 million likes, is over 136,000 followers on Instagram and then 12,000 on Facebook. And the thing that I am so men connected with is the fact that you use your platform to lead people to God. And you’re unapologetic about it. It’s amazing how you just constantly are sharing the gospel. And what I love about it is it’s resonating with people.

josiah 3:27
Yeah, I you know, it’s crazy as I found an opportunity to take everyday stories and turn them into God’s stories, right so many people use like us like massive miracles, which are awesome. Like those are awesome, but how cool is it that we can find God in even the simplest of smallest of things, we could find them so my my goal is to point people towards the Lord like that’s the most important thing in my life. And so I love to do it and grateful that I have platforms to be able to do

Jimn Kyles 4:00
Oh, absolutely. What’s been amazing. Now before we go into that, you did a test or a quiz on social and I was cracking up so it was like spirit animal. I am Sparta now. I’m just I think you gotta let people know because you tried to three times. What was your spirit animal what was like the animal that kept coming up? There were a couple of tell us what they weren’t because

josiah 4:25
yeah, first one was it was a cat. Video was this guy. Spirit Animals, Bear. I wanted some ferocious and I got a cat. So I said know what this is wrong. Let me try this again. Another animal came up. I think it was like a rabbit. I don’t even know what it was. And then and then I was like, Alright, third time’s a charm, right? And so I go for it. And it’s a sloth

Jimn Kyles 4:50
sloth brother.

josiah 4:54
With any of those. So so I’m just you know where I’m at those spirit animals this side and I strive for the Holy Spirit.

Jimn Kyles 5:03
Oh, that’s a late I was cracking up. So oh my gosh, I don’t know what mine would be if I tried that app. But it was hilarious. I’m cracking up. Now you know Josiah, the great thing about you, you had always lived for God. You know, I love what your hat says. Those of you that are joining us on YouTube, you could check it out says Jesus saves, fam. Tell us like so. Tell us a little bit about your journey, those that are getting to know you talk a little bit about your journey and coming to know God and experiencing salvation. Tell us about that.

josiah 5:34
Yeah, that’s a great question. So really, this, this starts from birth. So I was adopted at birth. And so I came into this world, being given away to another family. My aunt, and my uncle did not have children. And so my mother and my father, my biological parents, they were, they were men and women of God. And my dad believed that children belong to God before they belong to Him. So they got together, they prayed about it. And they decided that they were going to give me a way to my aunt and uncle to be raised as their own son. So I came out of the womb with already the paperwork ready to go. And I was born Josiah Alipate. As I came into this world, and so I was raised in this family. The family didn’t know the Lord and or go to church at all. And so I grew up in life, just trying to figure things, right, just trying to figure things out. Yes, right. And so at 16 years old, I was a pretty mischievous kid. I don’t even really remember what I did. But out of anger, I heard these words from my adopted mom, she said, You’re not my son. Wow. Now, imagine hearing those words from someone who has raised you for 16 years of your life. I believe, in that very moment that I had been lied to for 16 years of my life, I began to make up massive stories in my head. And then I began to live even more rebellious. But at 16 years old, I found out that I was adopted. I met with my biological family for the very first time at 16 years old. I met my biological mother and father and my five other siblings, was wild to me. And my first experience of my family was my dad, he sat us down, he read scripture, and he prayed over us, wow. Now, for me, I didn’t go to church I didn’t know the Lord was. So this was kind of weird. For me. It was already weird because this was supposed to be my real family here. But nonetheless, I enjoyed my weekend with my siblings. And then I lost touch with them for several years after that. At 23 years old, I was invited to my brother’s wedding in Arizona. So I came out to Arizona at that time, I was a bouncer in the nightclub industry in Las Vegas. All I cared about was status and money, and then a whole bunch of other things just live in a reckless lifestyle. And so I didn’t know how to be with my family. But the same thing that happened that 16 also happened at 23. My dad sat us down, he read scripture, and he prayed over us. And then I left. Arizona again, I went back to Vegas. And about 10 years later, I was 33 years old. This was in 2017. My biological sister reaches out to me, she says, Hey, I needed to let you know a dad has cancer. Wow, and he is requesting that you come out to Arizona for Easter service. And so I agreed. I went out to Arizona. And we had a great time that weekend. And then Sunday comes along. It’s Easter Sunday. And the same thing that my dad did at 16. He did it at 23. He also did it when I was 33. He sat us down he read Scripture. He prayed over us. And we went to church that Sunday. And so I’m sitting in the pews with my massive family, nieces and nephews that I had never met before. And I’m sitting next to my dad, and the pastor comes up the service was amazing was incredible. But the pastor comes up at one point and he says I have a question for you. He says he’s talking about God and He’s talking about Jesus and he says, what kind of person would give their son away? Wow. And I’m sitting next to them my biological dad. And and the pastor says To the kind of person who would give his son away is the kind of person who has love for the world. Wow. And can I tell you 33 years of confusion, frustration, anger, resentment, all of that melted away in an instant, wow. And I gave my life to this Jesus that was being spoken about on the stage. My life was changed in that moment. But the story doesn’t stop there. I go back to Las Vegas, and 10 days later, my dad’s back in the hospital. And he passes away from cancer, wow, so I experienced the most incredible moment of my life right next to the most devastating moment in my life. But what I am reminded of, even in that moment, is that over the course of several years, I had spent less than three days with my biological father, by the way, that I observed the way that he lived his faith, and the way that he loved his family. He led me to Christ. Wow. So I sold everything that I own moved to Arizona, and I follow the pathway that God designed for me.

Jimn Kyles 11:22
Wow. Not amazing, what a powerful story of redemption, how the enemy would try to destroy your life. And you know, you and I talked a lot about this even before this interview. I mean, the truth is, you are doing what most people do, which is pursue the American dream, right? That’s what we’re taught, we’re taught, hey, go pursue success, go pursue fame, go pursue, you know, the whole American Dream concept. Now, in the pursuit of that, I mean, it’s, it’s you and I, my story, even as is a lot of the same when I gave my life to Christ, it was the best of days. And then I went through a season with darkness as well. But it’s interesting how that the pursuit of the American dream does not fulfill the purpose of your life. And when you think that, hey, I’m almost there, it actually instead of giving you life, it takes life away. Tell me this with with the changing of your heart. It sounds like you made some radical decisions, you know, you had been fighting a crisis of identity. And then you’re reconnecting with your dad. And then God, you know, you fill in this moment, I’ve given my life to Christ. How was the journey? You know, even with my boy, this one of my passions is identity. How was the journey after connecting to the heart of God? How is it been discovering your identity? Who you are in Christ? How did you do that? What did that look like? Because here you are confused. You have a moment with God. And now clearly, you’re not confused. You are very specific on who you are and what God’s called you to do. So how did that happen?

josiah 13:05
Yeah, can I tell you, it was kind of if it was not easy, by any means to tear myself away from the life that I had been living for so long. That’s like, I’m Trauma. So this is 33 years of me living like this, living in this identity crisis, not knowing who I was following the ways of the world, following the words of other people, other influences that I had around me, it was hard to break through those things. It was hard to tear those pieces away. But that I think one of the greatest things that that God knew that I needed was when I when I moved to Arizona, I moved in with my morning mother. So she was with my father for 42 plus years of their life. And while God called my father home to be with him, he called me to be home with my mom, and 33 years old, mind you, I’m 33 years old, I’m I’m, I’m a I’m a grown man now. But um, but um, but I’m spiritually a baby. Wow. Thank the Lord, that He He brought my mom into my life that she would sit with me. And there were moments when I was when she would be up this now this woman wakes up at four o’clock in the morning. I don’t know how she does it. But she wakes up at four o’clock in the morning. She’s in her work, like four in the morning to like eight in the morning. I’m talking for hours in Scripture. And so she invited me she said, Hey, you can come and join me in the morning if you’d like. I was like, Well, I don’t know if I was born in the morning is going to going to do anything. But let’s try six. So I would wake up at six in the morning, I’d sit at the table with her and she would go through the Word. And she would do things that would kind of irritate me in the beginning. She would she would have me read a scripture. And then I’d read it out loud and she’d say, what does it say? Wow. And, and I asked her I’m like, Well, mom, am I not? reading this in English, it says what it says right here. And you know, what is it saying? And this was, at first, it was a struggle, right? Until one moment, it shifted from struggle to this was the most refreshing, most, most satisfying time that I could ever have. And so I think for even the person in the very beginning, it’s challenging for change, to change those habits. But but if you would just stay consistent towards it. Right? I stayed consistent over the last five years, every single morning for the last five years, I’ve woken up, and I’ve been in the work, there’s been days where I’ve struggled. And it was a challenge. But it but all of a sudden, it became a rock in my life.

Jimn Kyles 15:52
Absolutely. Well, it sounds to me what we read often in the Bible, how that we’ve got to no longer conformed to the pattern of this world, but be transformed. That’s Romans 12. Two, but the renewing of our mind the way that we think. And so you’re allowing God’s word to change the way you think. But here’s something that I learned. And I heard this a while back, I don’t even know where I heard it from. But so consistency is a superpower. How you said every day for five years, there’s something to be said about that, that really, when you discover who you are your identity, your life with Christ, your purpose, it’s not gonna happen, if you’re not truly pursuing that relationship with God, it’s too easy to get distracted. And so you are consistently reading the word finding out who you are, who God says, you are discovering, you know, a new identity, because think about a crisis of identity. I mean, think about not knowing who you belong to, and then discovering that not only do I belong to this earthly man, but there’s a God in heaven. And I’m his child. And he has orchestrated all of that so that the lost son could come back to a heavenly Father. Now, tell me this, you know, one of the things that I love about what you’re doing, it looks like you’ve discovered your purpose, like when I see you, and you and I’ve talked several times, I mean, you’re just, you’re alive with purpose. There’s something about it. Did you just how did you discover that? So okay, you’ve given your life to cry. So I’ve got people and I just imagine they’re listening. And they’re like, Man, I gave my life to Christ. But I don’t know that I’ve come alive that I feel like I’m fulfilling a purpose, my purpose? How did you begin to step into that? What did that look like for

josiah 17:37
you? Yeah, that’s great. You know, we’ve talked about this a little earlier about, I believe that purpose finds you that it’s, it’s but it’s in the walking on a day to day basis, it’s in the small moments of walking and faithfulness, and stewardship. And consistent walking, is where it comes alive. Like a lot of people look at, you know, people may look at the social media and all of that stuff. And they might think, Wow, that’s amazing. Yes, it’s amazing. And at the same time, I started with zero just like anybody else, right? This was, this was truly a man, this is really God, in the heart of it, man. I can’t even I can’t imagine my life. What it would be like without him, wow. And when I think about that, and you talk about purpose. And I’m thinking about how I had to learn how God operates, and get in line with how he moves. I’m thinking about Matthew and Matthew five, Jesus is talking about, okay, you have heard it said this, right. And he talks about all of these different topics, from adultery, to murder to all these different things. You have heard it said this, and then he and then he backs that up with saying, But I say to you this, right. So for so long, in my life, I’ve been looking at the world hey, in relationships, the world says this. The world says in finances the world says this, in fame and fortune and in success. The world says this. But But I had to turn to God’s Word where God’s saying, But I say to you this you want success. You want adventure, you want excitement. You want passion. You want love, you want something that’s going to carry you forward. This is where I’m saying you to go, but you got to go the opposite direction where everybody else is going. Yeah, yeah, yeah. And in that process, as I was walking the opposite direction of where I had been going, I followed it fell in line with what God desired. For me to go, and in that process is where purpose came alive for me.

I love that. Well, I love how you said purpose found me. You and I are the same page in this I write about it in the book is, you know, I’m a little concerned about society in in one way. There’s a whole move called the Great resignation and I’ve talked about this in the podcast and even as I’ve spoken here at our church, I’m all about people reevaluating the values of their life and making value decisions, but I’m concerned if everybody is leaving just because where they’re at doesn’t feel good. That it’s like hey, my boss doesn’t always say the right thing do the right thing. But because I know this purpose is an assignment and sometimes assignments don’t feel great. You know, I think about the story of David his purpose found him he was faithful in the field doing what was needed. And it’s interesting when you go and look at the life of David every time it’s like God founding faithful in the field. It was you know, hey, go send your food some your brother some food, okay, was that found him in the field and he goes out and he slays Goliath the giant. I’m reminded when Saul needed someone to play the harp and music so that the evil spirits really a servant of Saul said, I saw a man in the field. It’s so It’s funny how it what a what a great way to say it. My purpose finds me. I’m faithful. I’m diligent. I’m where I’m supposed to be. I’m on assignment. And I love the story, you got to tell the listeners because I can just imagine the person listening right now if I’m them. You know, there are great dreams inside of them. You know that they’ve got a business inside. They’ve got books to write. They’ve got podcasts to launch, they’ve got dreams that seem so big. And they could be frustrated with where they’re at right now. But for you, you’re a social influencer, by all means, we would say, wow, you’re influencing the world. But you didn’t start off to try to be the voice to the world. Can you tell them? Like what were you doing? How did you get involved in Tik Tok and social media? Talk to us about that? Yeah,

funny story. So I come to Christ and I decided to start serving in my church. I started to serve in the in the student ministries with the high school students. In fact, it wasn’t I rebelled against being in that ministry at all, because that my very first experience walking into that high school room, there were kids jumping up and down, I got hit with the roll of toilet paper. And I was like, I was like, ain’t no way I’m gonna be up in here. The thing was, nobody was saying anything like that was normal in there. So I was like, Okay, now No, no, no, no, this thing that. But I found myself in that ministry with a group of freshmen boys. I wanted to have the senior boys because I figured if I had more mature kids, but God has a sense of humor, he stuck me with the freshman boys who don’t know much about Jesus, let alone deodorant. And so this is where I was sitting right, with these freshmen boys in a Bible study. And I’m sitting there with them, and they’re on their phones, and I’m like, boys, What are y’all doing on your phones? And they said, We’re on Tik Tok. And I said, What’s tic tock? Let me go ahead and look. Then I downloaded tic tock, I started to see what was on there. And you guys know what, it wasn’t the best the stuff that was on there, right. So, but what I did recognize is that the algorithm worked is it will, it will give you access to more of the things that you see. So I figured if I friend requested all of my students, and I thought I would just read a Bible verse on here, that’s where I started, why just read the Bible verse on here. I figured if they could see my videos, they would be given access to more Christian content. Wow. And so that’s where it started in 2019. Then a few months later, in 2020, is when you know, the world shutdown crazy pandemic happens and the world gets shut down. And I decided I wanted to share my faith even more. So I started posting daily on Tik Tok about my faith, and then started connecting with other Christian content creators. We started a Bible study from there because we knew that there was a need to connect people together. And we started the Bible study. It was about three of us. We started the Bible study. It was going to be something real small that we were going to have, you know, come of it. But we frequently had about 1000 people every single session on these zoom Bible studies. And we recognized I recognized in that moment, wow, this very device that I hold him by Hands that enemy uses to distract people could also be the very tool to use to spread the gospel to the ends of the planet. Right. And so I continued to pursue that God group the platforms, and it is where it is today.

Jimn Kyles 25:19
Yeah. Well, I love what you said a couple of things that I want to just point out. And this is something that I believe in with all my heart, I’ve seen it in my life is, God will have you fill a need. And I love how you you know, in we’re just talking specifically even in church, you didn’t just go to church, you were the church, you got involved, you felt like you could minister to a segment of teenagers, but didn’t even get to minister to the ones that you wanted, but said yes to the ones that you didn’t even necessarily want. Yeah. And through your obedience, you began to discover something that God wanted to use you to influence and the influence was greater than you ever imagined. And I think that’s the, that’s what I love about God is how, when we are faithful with his assignment, whether that’s vocational business, whether it’s vocationally ministry, whatever it is, you can have a dream of impact in your heart. But God is ultimately the one that’s responsible. And what he is looking for, before he elevates us and promotes us is will we say yes to his assignment. And then in that assignment, what I love about is, you didn’t just say, Well, I’m gonna do time. I’m just, I’m just going to do it until high school boys open up, that’s not what you said. You said, no, no, I’m gonna do it. And if I’m going to do it, and this is a principle, I’m gonna do it with all of my heart, I’m gonna find a way to reach them. And to me, God has just given you such great wisdom to recognize algorithms. And, you know, really, you’re an evangelist at heart. You’re like, God, I got to share your love with the world around around me whether whether it’s on site, or if it’s, you know, socially through social media, and worldwide through the media. And I just love how God has done that and your passion to reach people and continue to spread His love and His message. And I love the fact that you use regular individuals in your stories, too. So I want to encourage you, I’ve got links down in, in the bottom of this descriptions of the podcast, as well as when we post it, you’ll look in the bio, but I would encourage you to go watch and subscribe because I am regularly watching them and being inspired because you talk about just regular people, because we think impact is big people big position, big money. Give us a story. And you know, those who are listening, just give us one story of someone that made an impact that that is memorable that impacted you that you’re sharing.

josiah 28:00
Yeah, so we talked about this, when we first got together, it was a man who was a real estate, retired real estate agent, who would always take a stroll in, in his local park. And as he would take this stroll in his local park, he would see that there were a lot of homeless people who were there a lot of people who look down and out. And and he figured, hey, what if we helped clean these guys up? And so he decided to set up a chair, and a pair of clippers that was hooked up to old car battery. And he started to cut hair. And now he frequently goes to this park where many people would make physical transformations, right? Oftentimes, physical transformations can lead to internal transformations as well. Right? Yeah, these guys go from this place of looking and feeling down and out to to now walk in with their heads held high. And so he turned that into something really incredible. And so we turn that story around to say, Hey, this is the state of where God has taken us, right? If we took a look at our spiritual walk, we were the ones who were down and out. We were the ones who looked like we we can do and we had, we had zero hope. But then he took us around and he speak with the script on us. Yeah. It’s these everyday stories and you know, something that I wanted to also share too, about this growth of the platform itself. Something about me, prior to knowing the Lord, I had this massive ego that wanted to be in the limelight all the time, if all I wanted, I wanted all the spotlight, the stage, I wanted the lights, I wanted all of those things. But when I found out was when I surrendered all of those things, and I got rid of all of those things. I wasn’t looking for any of those things anymore. God provided it but he provided it for His glory. So I got rid of all of those things and I didn’t want it anymore in the moment that I didn’t want it anymore, guys gave it to me. But it was for him and not for me

Jimn Kyles 30:03
in that amazing. So I think that’s such a great, you know, example of how there are clues to your purpose and what God wants to do. They’re hidden within your heart like, but the devil perverts them. So instead of bringing God glory, where is it that I’m trying to bring me glory wherever we can begin to see why if it’s pointing away from God that’s from the enemy. But it’s not necessarily that that was bad in and of itself. It’s the heart behind it. It’s the it’s the mentality that I’m appointed to me. I want it for me for and I love how God turns that around. And then when you don’t need it at all God’s like, Okay, I’ll give it to you. Here you go. I got it the whole time. Hey, well, let me ask you this, I want to now an amazing story. Fascinating. I love how God has turned around. Give me one paradigm one subconscious pattern of thought one filter that tried to sabotage your life that you’ve really had to deal with and say, No, I recognize that was a self defeating thought. And had I not addressed that it would have sabotage my life and sabotage me today. Can you give me one?

josiah 31:19
Yeah, I think one one was really clinging on to the opinions of others and, and people pleasing. Wow. So I lived through life because I wanted approval from people so much. And if I didn’t get that approval from people, it would cause me such like, disdain inside of me, I would, you know, I wouldn’t know what to do. If I didn’t get approval from people, I was just this people pleasing kind of person. Wow. Until of course, it really hit me. tell y’all some, if you if you have never fully fully I’m talking about bully deep inside of your spirit, receive the love that God has for you. I’m talking about, I’m talking about you’ve never really sat there and thought to yourself, the Creator of all things, the Creator of all things loves you. I’m talking about like you listening right now you like if you’ve never really actually received that fully. I’m telling you the moment that you received that a nothing else is better. Can nothing be better than that? Right? I think about what’s that song? graves in the gardens, right? And the song The person says, I searched the world. But it couldn’t film. It said man’s empty praise and treasures that fade are never enough. And then it says But you came along and put me back together. Right? So So while I try to seek the approval of men, approval of people trying to people please left and right doing things so that I could feel good because somebody approves of me. When I received the fullness of God’s love for me, that he sees me as holy and righteous. He sees me as his son. And he acknowledges Me as is that I can’t nobody told me nothing at that point. Wow. So changed everything for me

Jimn Kyles 33:23
changed everything. You know, so I’m you and I’ve had the same experience. And I think if you’ve been listening to the podcast, you would know I actually was. I was raised in a Christian home, what people would say religious, I’m grateful for it. But I owned a restaurant business, real estate, and at the lowest of lows turned away from God began to pursue wealth, you know, success and ultimately led to a life of drugs and alcohol. And what was interesting is in my life, when I gave my life to Christ, it was February 7, 2003, at 12:30 at night, and I write about it in the book. But on the outside, everybody would have said I had everything. And yet on the inside, I’m fading away and I’m about to go out and party for the fifth night in a row been up for five days on drugs. And God showed up in my bathroom at 1230 at night and I had a visitation and I saw a fork in the road there was a road goes to heaven erode goes to hell. And inside this voice was YouTube, like right now is your day of salvation. Choose now and the presence of God filled that room in such a powerful way. I surrendered my life I went out the bathroom kicked everybody out of the house told my wife and she’s, she’s like, okay, together we had a vision visitation and it’s that same feeling of God. I give you everything that you love. So I didn’t have to wait to answer an altar call. I wasn’t even looking for God but God came looking for me And then when you feel the weight of that, and the the love the way I think the weight of God’s love, it’ll radically change your life. And in that moment, I’m just thinking of the person listening today. And they’re like, hey, I want to feel that. Maybe you’re not on drugs. Maybe you’re not in an Easter service, but you tuned into a podcast right now. Because God came looking for you. And that same love that, that myself and you know what you’ve experienced this, like, can we just can would you do this? Would you lead that person in a prayer right now? Just say, Hey, listen asleep them in a prayer. I feel like God is moving. Let’s do that. Would you lead them in a prayer? talk them through it? Say, Hey, right now, this is a moment.

josiah 35:44
Yeah. Yeah, let’s do this together. Let’s do this together.

Jimn Kyles 35:51
Thank you, father.

josiah 35:58
Father, God. In this moment, I come before you. And I lay every thing in my life down before your feet.

I acknowledge you, as the creator of all things, the one who holds all things together. And the one who has uniquely and beautifully, wonderfully knitted me together. Yeah. In this moment, Lord, I acknowledge my shortcomings, the areas where I have fallen, and the ways that I’ve turned myself away from you. But Lord, I humbly ask that you would pour over your love upon me, helped me to experience this great and deepened love that you have for me. I acknowledge your Son, Jesus, that you would come here and die on behalf of my sins, that you would wash them away, that you would be risen from the grave three days later so that I can have eternal life with you, would you change me transform me, and give me a new life in you so that I can walk in full purpose to glorify You in all of the things that I do? Give me a new life. Lord, we thank you, we love you. We pray all of these things in the mighty powerful and matchless name of Jesus we pray. Amen.

Jimn Kyles 37:47
Amen. Thank you, Josiah. You know, I was the Have you prayed that prayer. And I know he led it, but it’s the heart of man, this is this is what we’re praying God, we surrender. We give it all to you. This is what I’d love for you to do is send me a message down in the description. There’s a link, send us an email, tag us tell us what God has done. And I want to encourage you, I pray today that today’s interview, you know, I didn’t I just pray God used it to stir something up inside of you. I can just imagine someone’s listening right now. You’ve been doing what you’re doing. You’re on assignment. Maybe you were about to give up. And today you got hope. I’m not quitting my assignment. I’m doing what God’s called me to do. And just know that God is in control of the of your future of your destiny. And he hears you and He is with you. And I just want to encourage you if you prayed the prayer, Today’s a new day, if you’ve been inspired, continue to still fight the good fight of faith. And let’s let Jesus be famous through our lives, what we say what we do, and how we live, Josiah. It’s such a pleasure to have you here with us today, man. So thrilled to hear your story. I’m excited about just the friendship and continuing to see what God does as you influence the world and point them to him. Thank you for being here with us.

josiah 39:09
Yeah, thanks for having me. And yeah, it’s such a it was such a pleasure.

Jimn Kyles 39:13
Yeah, well, we appreciate listen, if you like today’s podcast, would you do this? Would you like it? Would you subscribe? Wherever it is that you consume, the content will come directly to the place that you consume content? Also, would you rate the podcast that helps us spread the word it being the world to me and then here’s the last thing would you just share it with someone that you think needs to hear what we talked about today? Just share it with one person right now, as you’re listening. So, hey, we can’t wait to be back with you next week. Until next time, take a step forward. Bye bye. There you go, man.

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