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What Do I Do If I Am Stuck Financially?


If you’re currently feeling financially stuck, know you’re not alone. It’s perfectly normal to feel that way sometimes and there’s nothing wrong with you. It’s just how life goes! 

The good news is that you’re never stranded with God and you can do something about your situation. Today, I will provide a bit of guidance to help you get financially unstuck and turn things around for yourself. 

4 Ways to Get Financially Unstuck

1. Reassess your mentality

The way you approach things matters, which is why you need to reassess your mentality. Especially around finances. Your mentality is what allows you to make either good or bad choices, so you need to take stock of it and adjust when necessary. 

Identify what’s not working about the way you approach your finances and the way you think about money. It’s not about blaming yourself, it’s about determining what’s no longer useful, helpful, or productive about the way you’re managing your finances. 

2. Take stock of the consequences

All the choices we make in this life have a consequence. They impact our lives and have a ripple effect, which can be positive or negative. It’s up to us to make sure that the things we do have a positive impact on our lives. 

Taking stock of the consequences of each of your financial decisions or current worries is a must. It will provide enlightenment and guide you on the right path. So, ask yourself, what is the consequence of dealing with debt? What is the consequence of abandoning your saving plan? What will the consequences be if you keep doing what you’re doing right now?

3. Create better financial habits

The decisions you make day in and day out eventually become habits, which is why it’s so important to reassess your mentality. If you’re constantly making poor choices, they turn into bad habits that keep you in this place you can’t seem to get out of. 

Those habits need to be ditched. Once you’re aware of what’s no longer working for you, you will be able to determine what effective financial habits you need to create. Such as tracking your spending, having a safety net, paying things on time, never spending more than you have, etc. 

4. Take appropriate action

Being aware of where things went wrong will also help you understand the work you must do. Appropriate and intentional action will help you turn things around. No matter how uncomfortable this action may be, it is necessary and worthwhile. 

You need an action plan if you want to become financially unstuck and stay that way. It’s all connected! Once you reassess your mentality, which defines the actions you take, and understand the consequences of those actions, you will be able to become a lot more intentional about your financial habits and actions. 

We want to give you tools so you reach a place where you say, “life may throw me curveballs but I can always take one step forward and be unstoppable”. Visit https://jimnkyles.com/resources to get access to all resources I have to offer. 

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